Sudan Shuts Down Al Jazeera Khartoum Bureau


“Khartoum sit-in had become a threat to the revolution” – Transitional Military Council

 Sudan shut down Al-Jazeera Khartoum bureau
Authorities in Sudan closed Al Jazeera bureau in Khartoum as military warns sit-in has ‘become a threat to the revolution’. (Photo: AP)


Sudan has withdrawn the work permits for members of staff working for Qatari broadcaster Al Jazeera and shut down its Khartoum office, the station said.

There was no official acknowledgement of the closure from Sudan’s government.

The station has regularly broadcast footage of demonstrations in Sudan.

The closure came after the head of Sudan’s Transitional Military Council (TMC), Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, travelled to Saudi Arabia on Thursday for a summit.

In 2017, Egypt, the UAE and Saudi Arabia broke off diplomatic ties with Qatar, accusing it of terrorism, which it denies.

Sudan has been run by the TMC since long-time President Omar al-Bashir was toppled in April, but it has struggled to return the country to normality.

Protesters, emboldened by Mr Bashir’s downfall, have continued to stage a huge sit-in outside military headquarters in the capital, demanding full civilian government.

On Thursday, a spokesman for the military council said in a televised statement that the protest encampment represented “a danger to the revolution”.