Sudan: Governor of Kassala State Affirms Strength of Sudanese Eritrean Relations

The Wali (governor) of Kassala State, Maj. Gen. Mahmoud Babiker Hamad
Sudan’s Kassala State Governor (Wali), Maj. Gen. Mahmoud Babiker Hamad, participated at the 28th Eritrean independence day celebration in Kassala and expressed desire to re-open the joint border.


The governor (Wali) of Kassala State, Maj. Gen. Mahmoud Babiker Hamad, has affirmed the eternal and firm relations between Sudan and Eritrea, affirming the keenness of the two countries’ willingness to establish continuous and firm brotherly relations that serve the interests of both peoples.

Addressing at the celebration of the Eritrean community in Kassala State of their country’s 28th independence anniversary, the Wali said that Kassala is more closer to Eritrea socially and economically besides that most of Sudan’s crossings with Eritrea exist through Kassala State.

He said that the participation in the celebration is a step to renew the resolve that the relationship between the two countries shall be stronger than in the past and that what has happened [recently between the two countries] was like a summer cloud that has already passed, indicating that the two countries now stand on the threshold of establishing firm and distinguished relationship.

Maj. Gen. Hamad said, “we are looking forward to opening the joint border and doing business as it was [before the closing],” stating that the two countries will work to achieve the common interests of the two peoples and the region.

He noted that the revitalization of trade between the two countries supports the keenness of citizens in the border areas to maintain security and stability at the border area.

For his part, the Chargé d’Affaires of the Eritrean Embassy in Khartoum, Mr. Ibrahim Idris, said, “We celebrate our independence that was achieved through a long struggle and great sacrifices during the past years, referring to achievements that have been reached in infrastructures and social and economic services in pure Eritrean effort, despite external pressures and challenges.

He referred to the achievements of Eritreans in the past year in the political and diplomatic field led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, regionally and internationally, the most important of which was the signing of a peace and friendship agreement with Ethiopia and the lifting of economic sanctions by the UN Security Council.

Mr. Idris has asserted the deeply rooted and historic ties and special relations between the Sudanese and Eritrean peoples in all fields.

He affirmed the Eritrean people’s stand alongside the Sudanese people’s choice, praising all the steps taken by the Transitional Military Council and calling on all parties to strengthen further the relations between the two countries and activate the role of the people’s diplomacy to promote the relations between the two countries officially and publicly.

Sudanese Military Transitional Council (TMC) present in the Eritrean Independence day celebration
Members of the Sudanese Transitional Military Council (TMC) have also participated in the 28th Independence Day celebration together with the Eritrean community in Khartoum.

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