Sudan: No Military Deployed on Eritrean Border


“The paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) fighters deployed in Kassala, not on the Eritrean border, to support the recently declared State of Emergency in the State” – Governor

Sudan dismisses the existence of its military at the Eritrean Border
The Wali (governor) of Kassala State, Adam Jama’a, dismisses the fake news reports to underline that relation with Eritrea is eternal and goes deep into history.


In an attempt to stop the growing rumours, the governor of Kassala State, Mr. Adam Jama’a, on Friday afternoon, denied government militia Rapid Support Forces (RSF) fighters haven’t been deployed on the Eritrean border, saying they were dispatched to Kassala to support the state of emergency order.

Jama’a accompanied by the state’s security committee on Thursday inspected the Awad and Al-Lafa crossings on the borders with Eritrea.

He said the Sudanese government seeks to maintain excellent ties with its eastern neighbour, Eritrea, pointing those ties are being reflected in the daily interaction between the two peoples.

According to official news agency SUNA, Jama’a and his delegation met with the security officials from the Eritrean side of the border.

He denied that the federal or state government has issued a decision to close the border crossing with Eritrea, saying relation with Asmara is eternal and goes deep into history.

The governor further pointed to continued cooperation with the Eritrean security organs to fighting negative phenomena, saying the movement of the residents from both sides of the border would continue as normal according to the existing measures.

He added they would establish a number of bodies to control the border work and economic dealings, saying preparation have been completed to establish a land port between the two countries.

Last December, Sudan’s First Vice-President Bakri Hassan Salih paid a two-day visit to Asmara in which he discussed bilateral relations and issues of common concern.