TPLF and the elusive peace in the horn of Africa

Humanitarian Ruses for Prolonging a Conflict

TPLF’s illicit War of Insurrection, which could have been terminated early on, if not averted from the outset, was given a long lease of life as the Villain became the Victim in a theatrical, though tragic, role reversal without historical precedence. Media portrayal and broad political discourse on the conflict in the Tigray region of […]

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Eritrean Delegation Statement on UPR Outcome Adoption

By TesfaNews, THE following is the full statement delivered by the Eritrean delegation led by H.E. Ambassador Tesfamichael Gerahtu on June 20th, 2014 during the Adoption of the Addendum to National Report of the Universal Periodic Review (A/HRC/WG.6/18/ERI/1) in Geneva . A media format of the statement is also included (see at the bottom the statement).

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