The Ambassador of China to Eritrea, Mr. Cai Ge, said that the cooperation between Eritrea and China is based on mutual partnership and cooperation, and that has been very successful. Chinese Medical Team in Eritrea.

Eritrea China Partnership in the Health Sector

A group photo of the 16th round of the Chinese Medical team in Eritrea and farewell to the 18 prior teams. Eritrea and China have a long-standing partnership in various sectors, including the health sector. Over the years, China has provided extensive support to Eritrea to improve its healthcare system and address the health challenges […]

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Remarks by Ambassador Qiu Xuejun on China – Eritrea Friendship and Cooperation

By Ambassador Qiu Xuejun | Chinese Ambassador to Eritrea, Your Excellencies, Eritrean Friends from various social sectors, Chinese faculty members and Eritrean students at the Confucius Institute, Members of Chinese Medical Team to Eritrea, Workers of Chinese companies, Ladies and Gentlemen, Good evening! Welcome to the 2016 Reception for Eritrean friends from various social sectors. […]

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