The Eritrea Institute of Technology (EIT)

China to Build US$ 33m Science College to Eritrea

China’s latest example of major investment in Eritrea – Building schools and Hospitals In line with the agreement concluded in December 2011 between the Eritrean and PRC governments regarding cooperation in the economic and technical sectors, an agreement was signed on Saturday (28 June) for the first phase of the construction of College of Science […]

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Eritrea Seeks Chinese Investment on Energy, Financial Sector: Shanghai Daily

Eritrea is calling on Chinese investors for more infrastructural investment as it seeks to grow the finance sector BY SHANGHAI DAILY Sino-Eritrean business relations go back to the beginning of Eritrea’s independence, and in recent years, China has made significant contributions to the African country’s growth, especially in infrastructures, such as hospitals, roads, schools, and […]

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