Cruising Through the Golden Coasts of the Dahlak Archipelago

By Yosief Abraham Z., Scattered like a string of pearls upon the azure, the Dahlak Archipelago and its coast were once described by Eritrean Horizon as one of “the last, great and unspoilt destinations in the world.” With more than 200 of Eritrea’s islands which belong to the Dahlak archipelago, this island chain forms the […]

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Turkish Embassy in Asmara

Turkish Ambassador is the Guide for the Horn of Africa

By Gokhan Karakas | for Milliyet Newspaper, The Embassy opened by Turkey in Asmara, the capital of Eritrea in 2013 is one of our newest diplomatic missions. The first ever Turkish Ambassador in Eritrea, Fırat Sunel has been trying to promote this little, exotic and mysterious country which proclaimed its independence in 1993 after the […]

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