The YPFDJ conference brings together young Eritreans from different countries and backgrounds, providing a unique opportunity for networking and collaboration.

Eritrea: Understanding Annual YPFDJ Euro Conferences

The YPFDJ conference provides a unique platform for young Eritreans from different countries and backgrounds to come together, share ideas, strategize, and collaborate on initiatives that promote democracy, human rights, development, and social justice. The Young People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (YPFDJ) is a global youth organization that advocates for democracy, human rights, and […]

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Beware of False Prophets፡ The Trade in the Name of Eritreans

BY SIMON WELDMICHAEL Assuming that the people of Eritrea are unable to think and analyze things on its own, some conspirators have been engaging in incessant dissemination of venomous and distorted information about Eritrea. Accordingly, exposing the hidden characters of the opportunists and the messengers of destruction who are doing their business in the name […]

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The Traffic Racket: The Activist Syndicate and the EU

By Red Sea Fisher, IN PART one of our series on the “The Traffic Racket,” we spoke about the dubious roles of Eritrean “activists” Mussie Zerai, Meron Estefanos, and Elsa Chyrum. We spoke about the role of misinformed journalists and sometimes outright biased activist-journalists like Dan Connell, who have been promoting the work of the […]

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