Biased Media Attacks on Ethiopia Endangered Horn of Africa Region

BY LAWRENCE FREEMAN In January 2021, the world witnessed a barrage of attacks on Ethiopia aimed at undermining the efforts of Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed to preserve the sovereignty of the Ethiopian nation. This is a dangerous gambit not only for the potential harm it can trigger for the people of Ethiopia, but also […]

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Eritrean News Agency Requests Al-Jazeera to Rectify its Biased Stance

BY PAULOS NETABAY Dear Mr. Al Anstey, CEO of Al Jazeera Media Network

, I refer to a derogatory article: “Eritrea: Anecdotes of indefinite anarchy” that was posted in Al Jazeera’s  website on Thursday (July 6) last week.  The article in question essentially dwells on a barrage of vitriol against Eritrea by a notorious author who […]

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