Believe or not, President Isaias is at the Peak of His Health: Ali Abdu

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“Aim of Press Release was to encourage the development of a culture in looking at news in a bigger context rather than pieces of news items, but not that the President’s health needs witnessing” – Minister of Information Mr Ali Abdu

By all means of medical standards, PIA is at the peak of his health: Government

By EritreaCompass,

In a telephone interview he conducted with the Washington based Voice of America (VOA) Tigrignya service, the Minister of Information, Mr Ali Abdu confirmed that President Isaias Afewerki is in full Health.

Answering to the whereabouts of President Isaias Mr Ali Abdu stated that he met with the President for work purposes, and gave a detailed account of Presidents movement on Sunday, stating the following:

· Around the morning hours of 03:00 A.M. he was in the Gash Barka region of Eritrea’s borders where he conducted a working tour in the region.

· Around 06:00 A.M. in the morning he was in Sawa

· Around 09:00 A.M. he was in the Anseba region

· Around 12:00 midday he was at the coasts of Eritrea, Northern Red Sea Region

· Around 03:00 P.M. he was in the Debub region the town of Mendefera

· Around 04:30 P.M. he was in the Central region where we finally met in person around 07:00 P.M. for work purposes

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Further to the interview to the rumors that have been circulating that the president was ill, Minister Ali Abdu stated, “A person that has been on the road working for more than 16 hours couldn’t be a person with health problems!”

Mr Ali further noted that he was not describing this because the Presidents health needs witnessing, but rather the desperation and length that the culprits are going to referring back to the statement that was issued by the Ministry of Information, which is as follows

“The personality they couldn’t overpower for the last 26 years and whose resilience, their demonizing campaigns waged in the past 20 years could not suppress, are now resorting to acting out their fantasies like hopeless superstitious and placing their trust on the burning of incense and myrrh supplicating for the ill-health of President Isaias Afwerki.Rumors notwithstanding, President Isaias is in robust health, and by all means of medical standard, is at the peak of his health.”

In his response to the question that in the past there has never been such statements on the side of the Government of Eritrea Minister Ali Abdu indicated that the objective is to send a clear message that there needs to be a culture that needs to be developed in looking at the complete picture in a holistic manner, rather than picking up pieces of news items there by connecting the dots then analyzing them before consuming information to avoid any pitfalls.

Mr Ali further stated by referring as an example to the rumors of Presidents ill health spread by Langley and the statements of the rogue minority woyane regime in Ethiopia relating it to the timing, the relevance, the message.

Mr Ali also pointed that the main focus is that people develop the culture and wisdom of looking at things in a bigger context, and this is what is repeatedly stressed that the need of developing a culture of looking at the complete picture for each individual citizen of this world be it inside the country or outside.

He further noted that with todays orchestrated media campaigns it’s easy to be a victim of pieces of news items, and the only aim of the statement made by the Ministry of Information is to encourage the masses to develop this culture of looking at news in a bigger context, but not that there is a need to be a witness to the Presidents health.

Minister Ali Abdu made his closing remarks once again referring to the press statement, which described the Presidents health is at its peak!

In answering to the last question, “at this time what does the Presidents health look like?” 300% out of 100 was the Ministers response.

President Isaias on Sunday 22 April 2012 (Courtsey of

President Isaias on Sunday 22nd April 2012 (Courtsey of

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