“Thank Eritrea” Signs Floods Streets of Aden

Thank Eritrea sign in Yemen
Major paintings of President Isaias Afwerki with a message to “Thank Eritrea” on the streets of Aden, the Yemeni capital.

By TesfaNews,

Organizers of the “Thank the Kingdom” and “Thank Emirates Goodness” campaigns unveiled yesterday the “Thank Eritrea” campaign using a major painting of President Isaias Afwerki in all major streets of Aden, the Capital city of Yemen.

According to the Almashhad Al Yemeni website, the campaign was carried out under the auspices of the ‘Truth Media Inc.’ and the first painting was raised yesterday at the Cairo road that leads to the office of the Directorate of Sheikh Othman.

Head of the “Thank Emirates Goodness” campaign and General coordinator of “Thank the Kingdom” campaign Mr. Firas Al Yafei said the upload of pictures of Eritrean president on major streets of Yemen comes in recognition of his efforts within the Saudi-led Arab coalition in the rescuing of Yemen from disintegration and taking over by groups loyal to Iran.

Mr. Firas Al Yafei also said Eritrea’s participation in the process of restoring legitimacy to Yemen, including the training of the resistance and the forces of the national army on its territory as well as the use of Naval base which passes into the port of Aden are being the backbone of the process.

He also adds that Eritrea stressed on more than one occasion that it stands on its support and legitimacy in Yemen under a legitimate leadership. The President made it clear that the need for security, stability and unity of Yemen’s land and people is in the interest of the people Eritrea as the links between the people of Eritrea and Yemen is interdependent and historic.

Last month, Eritrea officially threw her support to the Saudi-led 35 states military coalition force in the spirit of establishing a strategic alliance to combat terrorism and lawlessness in the Red Sea region and beyond.