The Constitution Brouhaha

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Eritrean Treason Mafias, Unionists and detractors have no idea how to respond to as constitution was their swan song for decades
The Eritrean Treason Mafias, Unionists and Detractors do not know what hit them on May 24

By Hillal,

IT was a political Tsunami and earthquake. The Eritrean constitution drafting process is about to begin. President Isaias made this announcement during his independence day anniversary celebration speech.

The Eritrean ‘Treason Mafia’ and the enemies and detractors of Eritrea were blindsided and have no idea how to respond to it. They are on Prozac for their depression and a 40 day mourning because the constitution was their swan song.

The US constitution is viewed by most Americans as a divine document given to them by God like the Ten Commandments, Yet, the UK, Israel and New Zealand don’t have written constitutions and still have stable governments. 

All these so called democracies profess to adhere to the lofty ideals of freedom, liberty, democracy, justice, rule of law and human rights that are enshrined in their constitutions. But, in reality the wars and crimes against humanity committed by the so called democracies are mind boggling.

If history is going to be our guide, they were the architects of genocide, slavery, racism, colonialism, Nazism, Fascism, Apartheid, eugenics, torture…etc…etc. The conflict, havoc and mayhem created by their divide and rule policies is astounding. It’s hard to believe that women and blacks didn’t have the right to vote till the 1960’s.

Today, the lofty ideals of freedom, liberty, justice, rule of law and human dignity are used as a cover up in the building of the US empire. Bullying, intimidation, aggression, occupation, exploiting and raping nations are its signature characteristics.

The Eritrean National Charter is our national covenant and is the basis for the constitutional document to be drafted in Eritrea. Thus, the values, beliefs and principles that are going to be the basis for drafting the constitution are the same Eritrean/Shaebia values , beliefs and principles.

These are the same values and principles that made Shaebia the most successful organization and our revolutionary struggle a success. And, now they are being used in the building of the Eritrea of our dreams and worthy of our Martyrs’ sacrifices. Eritrea is in no mood to repeat the same African nation making disasters again.

It was in 60’s that most of the African nations got their independence. With a lot of hoopla and fanfare constitutions were drafted and government structures were erected overnight-they were exact replicas of their masters/colonizers. Their stooges and puppets who have none of their nations and peoples interests at heart were brought to power.

What followed next was an African nightmare. A continent rich in a mosaic of cultures and peoples, natural vegetation and landscapes, minerals and water, land and resources were converted into a continent where hunger, famine, disease, war and conflict became its defining characteristics.

Thus, Eritrea is going to follow its own independent political path. A path that safeguards the safety, security and well being of the Eritrean nation. Shaebia is the vanguard of the Eritrean experience and will always remain that way come rain or sunshine. Eritrea, its people and Shaebia are one and the same – one in three and three in one.

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