The Destabilising Factor of the Notorious NED Revealed at the SOAS London Seminars

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Futile Exercise. The series of seminars on Eritrea at the SOAS London might be another "rabbit out a hat" (trick) to create a new momentum for another wild trumped-up charge as a pretext to impose another series of Sanction on Eritrea ...
Futile Exercise. The series of seminars on Eritrea at the SOAS London might be another “rabbit out a hat” (trick) to create a new momentum for another wild trumped-up charge as a pretext to impose another series of Sanction on Eritrea …

By Alula Abraha,

This article will try to establish the undeniable connection between the notorious NED with Chaos in Ukraine and Venezuela as well as on the series of Seminar on Eritrea organised by another front organisation called “Justice Africa

When seeing a very known neo-Nazi (KNN) agitator appointing himself as the prime minister of the troubled Ukrainian regime and the support it gets from the US (particularly the notorious NED & IRI via its poster boy John McCain) quite openly, it reminded me of a book I read sometime ago titled “Understanding Power“.  

I vaguely remember it has something about neo-nazi groups of the former eastern block countries who Chomsky had claimed supported the 2000 Bush election campaign. It was a very powerful book of 10 chapters and spread over 400 pages. It’s based on interviews given by the “indispensable Naom Chomsky”. I had located the chapter and re-read it this morning to find myself gob-smacked, to say the least.

What makes the book even so powerful is that its fortified with a well researched factual and intellectual work that is strongly substantiated by hundreds of verifiable and irrefutable references in its footnotes.

I’ll quote Chomsky exactly as he had put it and just as I had drawn my own conclusion in, I leave the reader make a judgement for themselves.

When asked on the significance of the real anti-semetic neo-Nazi groups in US and their connections with the republican party that was exposed at the time, Chomsky made the following prophetic analysis shown below, word by word (page-52 of Chapter-2):

“That was sort of an interesting phenomenon; it’s hard to know how seriously to take it, but it’s certainly real. I don’t know how many of you followed what happened with the Nazis in the Bush campaign around last August – do you know about that stuff?

There is this part of Bush campaign called the “Ethnic Outreach Committee”, which tries to organise ethnic minorities; obviously that doesn’t mean blacks or Hispanics. It means Ukrainians, Poles, that sort of business. And it turns out that it was being run by a bunch of East European Nazis, Ukrainian Nazis, hysterical anti-Semites, Romanians who cane out of the Iron Guard, and so on. Well finally this got exposed; some of the people were reshuffled, some were put into other positions in the republican party – but it all just passed over very quietly. The democrats never even raised the issue during the election campaign……..”


That interview with Chomsky was conducted a couple of years before the Bush instigated Ukrainian Orange revolution in 2003. The whole thing is now exposed to have been bankrolled and triggered by the like of the notorious NED (National Endowment for Democracy) and the IRI (International Republican Institute).

The wife of the poster boy and puppet leader Victor Yuchenko of the orange revolution, was a Ukrainian American who works for the US State Department. Following a power grab, Yuchenko was outright rejected with much less than 10% of the votes. He was advised to cause problems by claiming the election is rigged, despite himself appointing the election board and EU election monitors fining it to be fair and free.

The fact is that he didn’t want to accept that he was rejected and become an unelectable politician unless he comes again on the back of the USAID, NED and IRI. In fact, all the rest of the other US supported colour revolutions, the Tulip revolution in Krygistan and puppet Mikael Shashkavilli’s Rose revolution in Georgia had all crumbled since. Following the settling of the dust, all the colour revolutions had run their revs on syphoned off US funds, it had nothing to show for it except finally ending up run out of steam. They were all rejected by their respective people.

In her book titled, “the Chavez Code“, Eva Gollinger had also exposed almost a similar pattern of similar sorts of extreme right wing groups that had tried to overthrow the democratically elected Bolivarian government of Venzuela in 2002. However, the people rose up to save their democracy from the jaws of the US based anti-democratic institutions. Eva Gollinger successfully traced the financiers of the failed Venezuelan coup back to the notorious USAID, IRI & NED. She argue that, in the past, the CIA used to do the dirty jobs itself while now-a-days, CIA’s dirty jobs are outsourced to a rather good-sounding front NGOs. When comparing the current NGOs such as the USAID, IRI & NED with that of the old CIA, Eva calls them all “the same dogs but with different collars

A decade after Bush’s IRI and NED instigated the failed colour orange revolution and four years after they were absolutely rejected by their own people, there is no wonder that the neo-Nazis groups have come back to create chaos in the Europe. Thanks to the NED & IRI, they are now officially the only neo-Nazi inclined government in Europe.

Not only in Ukraine but Caracas (Venezuela) is also under siege by the US supported chaos against the democratically elected government of President Madura.

No sane mind is under illusion to believe that NED is promoting democracy just because its acronym means “National Endowment for Democracy“. Its name has absolutely nothing to do with its past reputation of financing the overthrow of democracies across the world, only to replace them with dictatorial puppets who receive their instructions from Washington.

What is even so surprising is that the current “Series of Seminars on Eritrea” run by a front organisation called “Justice Africa” is in fact exposed to have been funded by none other than, amongst other, the notorious NED. One couldn’t have made it up.

Not to mention the Wikileak cable that exposed a dozen of confidential classified US department cable correspondent saying in one that it’ll finance a program with a clear political agenda of polarising Eritreans and creating chaos & instability. The cable exposed that it would fund programs like that in such a way that it’s “driven from behind” from the background while using “Eritrean faces” of “anti-regime” elements in the foreground.

The series of seminars has now reached passed the third round after Dan Connell, Gaim Kebraeb and Meron Estifanos had done theirs while the “I didn’t do it for you” author, Michella Wrong, is lined up, ironically, this time hoping to do it for us.

Who would forget former BBC stooge Martin “Pol” Plaut condescendingly lecturing us about a democratic debate but only to end up showing his dictatorial instinct by trying to muzzle up and suppress different opinions to that of his tiring propaganda lines he shamelessly posts on his own column in the good “Guardian” newspaper. He had desperately tried time and again to create traction to his wild claims that he was discredited about. He had now long become a laughing stock that he had been laughed off after asking the same question like a broken recorder in the last series 5 days ago.

Presumably to save his face, he left the seminar midway and disappeared right after 6pm.

In the mean time, speaking after one of the series of seminars with a young astute political analyst, Mahir Idris, who himself was denied a chance to air his opinion in a decorum decency, has struck me with his brilliant analysis on the ultimate agenda of the whole drama. Mahir argues that there might be a strong relation of the series of seminars, that is expected to conclude ahead of the UNHR Rapporteur’s (Shiella Kiturit’s) report on Eritrea this coming June.

It was remembered that Shiella was advised to interview only certain people speaking on behalf of the voiceless in the so called “refugee camp” in Mai-Aini and Adi-Harush of Tigray region. She couldn’t even bother to take the voice of the voiceless ones that have made clear points on youtube, stating that they are being held hostages in the cash-cow camps in Tigray as well as being trafficked by the Ethiopian regime securities, in collaboration with the self styled “Eritrean oppositions groups” based in Ethiopia.

The interview was given to Meron and her colleague (Yonathan) at their NED financed Radio Erena broadcast from Europe. The whole series of seminar is indeed a giant smokescreen to cloud us of the very fact. The Victims themselves are on record for saying that all the victims in the notorious Senai and Mediterranean sea are indeed systematically been trafficked and fed to their bedouin business partners in Sudan and Egypt.

As far as I’m concerned, I buy Mahir’s analysis. I think Mahir is spot in light of similar previous patterns. During the Jendaye Frazer (AKA in Eritrean circles as “Gandiya Fezra’E“) had used almost similar pattern by throwing wild allegations of trumped-up charges against Eritrea and its people in order to use it as a pretext impose a series of pre-meditated illegal and unjust sanctions against Eritrea. Who would forget the planted story on a cash strapped Kenyan newspaper that “two plane loads of arms unloaded in Baidoa”?! It was very shamefully indeed that even three seasoned diplomats have come out from the cold to finally admit that the sanctions was unjust and based on wrong premises.

Jendaye had also been exposed in the past by the former US ambassador to the UN, John Bolton. He claimed in his book and interviews that Jendaye had actually asked him to use his good office to illegally torpedo the the final and binding EEBC decision. The implementation of the EEBC decision is still being renegaded by the puppet regime of the Weyane, which is egged on to do so by none other than the US establishment that is cruely holding the people of the region hostages to a tense atmosphere of a no-peace no-war situation.

The current sanction is now dead in the water. Following the discrediting of the illegal and unjust sanctions imposed on Eritrea, including by seasoned US diplomats, the series of seminars on Eritrea might be another “rabbit out a hat” (trick) to create a new momentum for another wild trumped-up charge as a pretext to impose another series of Sanction on Eritrea.

It was remembered that Obama himself was made to read from a pre-written script labouring to blame Eritrea for the brutal human-trafficking of Eritreans. At the time, poor Obama was made to look more like a hostage ceremonial president than a true president of the US. Now that everything has been exposed and all the evidence is out there, including in the public domain, we’ll wait and see if the US would indeed impose a sanction on the Weyane regime who is engaged in a human trafficking network that starts in the cash cow “refugee camps” in Tigray.

In the mean time, a double wammy of detailed report on Gaim’s and Meron’s presentation will come out soon. Gaim’s presentation in particular has been academically probed in depth. I’m sorry to reveal but a thorough research on his paper has shown to be marred with a lot of opinions replacing facts stated in his own footnote references. I’m sorry but that sort of practice is no less than an academic fraud, to say the least. The fact that the “research paper” itself could not even prove what it had set out to do so in the abstract is a proof that it was a botched-up hush-hush job. Not only did I feel my intelligence insulted but also felt that I was slapped across my face. The first thing in a debate is to have respect for one’s audience.

No wonder that in a 120 minute session, Dr Gaim’s presentation lasted for 70 minutes and a lady with an anti-Eritrean agenda took the stage for another nine minutes and was followed by another talk by Iyassu Tsegai for a further 10 minutes. Then the lady with an anti-Eritrean agenda took the stage again to show us her tasteless propaganda video for nearly another ten minutes.

The organisers had tried to lecture us that a 100 minute of continuous propaganda by three individuals and barely 15 minutes for the rest of us to challenge the propaganda is very democratic debate. The over hundred in the audience and with nearly fifty of them raising their hands to challenge the propaganda is tantamount to creating a chaos. The organisers were criticised for their impractical and hypocritical practices and Gaim himself admitted after the seminar that he thought it was unfair and told me that he had tried to convince the organiser that the time had to be extended. I challenge Gaim that he should have cut his lecture and share the majority of the time that he unfairly used for himself. I get fed up of people saying something but doing quite the opposite.

After the third series, talking with Harry Duncan of “Justice Africa” he had conceded that the practice was unfair and had done something about it to improve the nature of the debate. But error Harry apologised for was a last minute decisions he made to accommodate for a demand made by a known lady with anti-Eritrean agenda for a time slot after Gaim’s long presentation. Knowing very short time left for the audience during Connel’s first instalment, the vast majority of the audience considered that as an utter disregard for Eritreans in general. But admitting a mistake can be a good start and fair play on the part of Harry Duncan of “Justice Africa”. But again, he shouldn’t expect a medal for that as it was a very basic norm of practice in any discussion forums. If given a fair chance, Eritreans have shown great civility despite a barage of wild allegations labelled against them.

As long as we are allowed to challenge with our facts all the concerted wild propaganda and psy-war waged against us, we would have no problem with it. It’s our culture to tolerate opinions but nobody including Eritreans can be expected to allow others to speak on our behalf. We have our own voice and need to be heard as much as others, including strangers, are allowed to run their mouth unabated.

Stay tuned ….

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