The Isaias Afwerki Crisis and the Lessons We Learned

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Now we know who the liar is and PIA’s appearance on the national TV was a devastating blow that takes their credibility to an all-time low

Now we know who the liar is ...

By Dawit Ghebremedhin,

What has happened in the past few weeks has been a hectic turnaround of events that I see a lesson can be learned from.

As we all knew there had been rumors saying that President Isaias Afwerki had died or got seriously ill. They were rumors and disinformation designed to shock the Eritrean public. Many were caught off guard and believed the lies. For me it was like a painful shock to the heart like an electric shock.

President Isaias Afwerki like his colleagues is a great man and a passionate being. No Eritrean would celebrate an untimely death of any Eritrean let alone President Isaias who has sacrificed everything for the just cause of our dear Eritrea.

From the start he has been one of the key leaders of the liberation struggle that believed that Ethiopia despite the superpower support it was getting would be defeated by a united and self-reliant Eritrean population. He along with his comrades envisioned an independent Eritrea, and fought for it, therefore it became reality. He is also a visionary leader working hard to make a prosperous Eritrea a reality.

For a few days the rumors were taking their own lives and essence. Many Eritreans were in some state of unified emotion because of the rumor. The rumors had caused some of us pain and sadness. Of course we had and definitely needed to react in such of a manner if someone told us our president is dead. But these reactions had put some of us in a level where we were terrified each night and didn’t believe those who were telling us he is okay. We were not willing to believe until we saw his lovely face.

Finally came April 28th and we were extremely happy to see our dear president alive and well and the rumors of his bad health and death was, as the president put it, in the head of the ill-wishers.

The president, as usual, was standing tall and dignified. It was a great joy to observe people calm down and it was a big relief. As Eritreans, we have found out that it was all an evil and cruel lie. But it wasn’t necessarily just that. There was more to this evil and sick lie and disinformation campaign. The purpose of this lie was a complex and complicated movement that was meant to crush us in the mind. Also known as “hijacked”.

I read a book called ‘The Hunger Games’ and in the third book called the “Mocking Jay” one of the characters got “hijacked”. This tactic is when you use fake information to implant it in some bodies mind for good in numerous ways sometimes like physical torture, they would do this to change how you think and to make you change your mind set to their own needs. This was what this lie was doing. The design was to break us and to see how we would react. The people who told these cruel and despicable lies about Isaias Afwerki were doing exactly that. It was to destabilize us in the most hardest and unforgettable way. These cruel people did not want our young great nation form Africa to grow and prosper. They wanted it to stop from growing into a beautiful flower. They also wanted to demolish our strong patriotic mindset that is full of dignity, love for our country and everything it stood for. They knew that we loved our dear president; to lose him would be a sad thing just as President Kennedy’s death was to the American people. They were really trying to play with our emotions; they chose to create this lie in order to see how Eritreans would react. They think if President Isaias gets out of the way they can get their way in Eritrea. They are wrong. The millions that defended Eritrea yesterday and are defending it today will keep defending it forever. Eritrea has prevailed over all cruel acts of evil people whose only claim to fame was perpetrating evil deeds in the past and they should know that it shall prevail over any eventuality.

I hope all Eritreans have learned a lesson from this crazy week and the horrors it has brought to us Eritreans. We now need to be ready and alert; let’s realize that we are self-sufficient and we have a truly independent country. They will try anything to put us down in the future but let’s take a lesson of the past couple of weeks.
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