The New Scramble for Africa

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How immune is Eritrea from the new scramble of Africa?
How far Eritrea is immune from the resource crusade in Africa by the East and West ?

By Daniel Berhane,

CAUGHT between competing powers to the West and East, how can Africa emerge from the race for its riches and how far Eritrea remain immune from such crusade?

The following refreshing documentary by Aljazeera brings out the sad state of affairs of Africa as the powers of the world, America, China, France and every one else, compete for “the new scramble for Africa” through military, cultural and unfair economic intervention.

America and France intervene in the name of war on terror to only create more of it in the process.

This documentary leaves no stones unturned. However, one positive aspect brings to the forefront is the level of great awareness of African youth who are yearning to have a continent that owns its destiny.

While the story is the same across the continent, the documentary could have shown not all African governments are embracing the new scramble for African resources by paying a simple visit to Eritrea.

In contrast, this would have vividly shown Eritrea’s own strategic policies and critical outlook on the crusade and the price that is being paid; and also that the very same dream that the African youth are yearning for, is being put into practice in African land, Eritrea.
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The New Scramble for Africa and What it Mean for Africans?

(By Aljazeera) – Decades after the European powers carved up the African continent for their own imperial needs, Africa is undergoing a new wave of resource and strategic exploitation – some are calling it the new scramble for Africa.

The United States is increasing its footprint across Africa with AFRICOM, fighting terrorism and ensuring stability are the trumpeted motivations. Resource security is a more hushed objective.

But it is not just about the US.

During the last decade, China’s trade with Africa not only caught up with America’s, it has more than doubled it.

The new battle for Africa does not deploy strong-arm tactics, it is now a soft power game: economic and humanitarian aid, interest-free loans, preferential trade agreements and investments in infrastructure are currency across a continent that is, for the world’s established and emerging powers, seemingly up for grabs.

India, Brazil and Russia are all invested in Africa’s present and future, and old imperial powers like France are fixing to retain their loosening grip on the riches of former colonies.

So what does all this mean for Africa and Africans?

Empire travels to Kenya to examine the continent at the centre of the world as it is courted, cajoled and carved up by global powers to its East and West.