Third Asmara Mining Conference to be Conducted

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Asmara GeoCongress 2012
Gold rich Red Sea state of Eritrea to hold its third annual mining conference from 2 – 6 October 2012

By Ministry of Energy and Mines,

In an attempt to promote sustainable exploration and mining activities in the country and the Arabian-Nubian Shield region, the Ministry of Energy and Mines is organizing the Third Asmara Mining Conference dubbed as “Asmara GeoCongress 2012”  from 2 – 6 October 2012, in Asmara.

As part of the Arabian Nubian Shield, Eritrea is now being acknowledged for its substantial mineral potential that ranges from VHMS polymetallic deposits associated with NeoProterozoic rocks of this Shield, to epithermal gold and Potash deposits in the younger Red Sea Rift-related sedimentary and volcanic rocks of Tertiary and Quaternary Periods.

With the successful first-year of commercial production at Bisha, the commencement of development work at Zara and the presence of different stage projects of base metals and gold deposits at Debarwa, Embaderho, Adi Nefas and Hambok, combined with that of the Potash deposit at the Denakil Depression show Eritrea to be an attractive place for metallic and non-metallic mineral exploration and mining.

The Ministry hereby invites all interested parties to attend the Congress.


The objective of the GeoCongress is to bring together earth scientists, mining experts, investors, service providers and regulators, to share experiences and to discuss, on current activities of exploration, mining and on various topics of interest.

The event will provide a good opportunity for the participants to gather valuable information on recent views on the evolution of the geology of the region, new techniques and approaches in exploration and mining for metallic and nonmetallic minerals, and the social, environmental, financial and legal challenges associated with exploration and mining activities.

The GeoCongress is also expected to promote the mineral resources of the Shield and enhance regional cooperation and coordination.


1. Mineral Resources and Sustainable Development in Developing Countries;

2. Environmental and Social Impact of Mining;

3. Emerging Trends in the Regulation of a Mining Sector;

4. The Exploration for and Mining of VMS deposits in the Arabian Nubian Shield;

5. The Exploration for and Mining of orogeny/ shear hosted gold deposits in the Arabian Nubian Shield;

6. The technology of Open Cast Mining of Potash;

7. The Dynamics of the International Potash Market;

8. The Drivers and Effects of the Chinese International Investment in the Minerals Sector;

9. Human Resources Development for the Minerals sector; and

10. The Collection, Management and Utilization of an integrated Geo-data.


  • Two days of presentations (2nd and 3rd October)
  • Tour to exploration and mine sites (4th October)
  • Excursion to the pristine waters of the Red Sea Coast including a train ride to Massawa (5th & 6th of October)



  • Registration: USD 350
  • Train ride : USD 50
  • Massawa trip: USD 200

Anyone interested in attending the Asmara Mining Conference should contact, Mr. Amir Hassen ( ) for registration or any other enquiry.