Time for Tigray People to Say “Not in Our Name”

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Why is the people of Tigray not joining Eritreans and the rest of Ethiopians for peace
The pendulum in Ethiopia is swinging between those who embrace change and democratic reforms, and those who stand to be the losers. The people of Tigray should know which side to stand.


It has only been a few days since the Peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia have been celebrating the beginning of the turning of black clouds of death and conflict into the light of peace and harmony. However, the deadly grenade attack in Ethiopia’s capital on Saturday has manifested there are still desperate elements who are determined to bring back chaos and bloodshed.

The Eritrean people, both at home and abroad, have expressed their great sense of shock and sympathy to the Ethiopian people for their hurt and lose. Eritrea condemned the attack.

The Eritrean Ambassador to Japan Mr. Estifanos said, “Eritrea strongly condemns the attempt to incite violence, in today’s AA demonstration for peace, 1st of its kind in the history of Ethiopia.”

The incident underlines there are elements who are having a problem to come to terms with the new reality. Instead of licking their own wounds and move on, they are wounding others with the intention of replacing the newly founded optimism with chaos and destruction.

The TPLF elite, who claim to be the guardian angels Tigray people’s interest, have made strategic mistakes that have caused much damage to the very people they claim to stand for.

The time for Tigray people to say “Not in Our Name” to the elements, who trade in their name is now!

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The Tigray people should embrace the positive changes in Ethiopia. They stand to gain the most from peace and cooperation between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

The Second World War caused the deaths of 60 million people and so much material destruction, but it provided the impetus to the rapid development and peace in the West.

Similarly, the destruction and the opportunities lost over the last half a century, as President Isaias Afwerki said, could be the beginning of a journey of peace and eradication of poverty through cooperation between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Ethiopians waving the Eritrean flag in the middle of Addis Ababa.
Two countries – one love. Ethiopians waving the Eritrean flag in the middle of Addis Ababa.

There have been different reports on casualties of the explosion, but it has been established that the target of the attack was Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed. The prime minister made it clear that the attack was a ‘well-orchestrated attack’. Top police officials have already been arrested for questioning.

The incident is a great reminder for the Ethiopian people, the government, and partners that much work still remains and challenges need to be overcome.

Ethiopian National Intelligence and Security Service are one of the institutions that have been under the complete control of the TPLF. Although the head of the agency has been replaced, a structural change is urgently needed.

As millions of Ethiopians across the country have been expressing in a strong term that there is no turning back to the ugly days and that is really Game Over.