To UN: The Word is Demarcate not Intimidate

Today is the 11th anniversary of the Ethio-Eritrea border ruling. Occupation of sovereign Eritrean territory must end!
Today is the 11th anniversary of the Ethio-Eritrea border ruling. Occupation of sovereign Eritrean territory must end!

By Aman Nebiat,

Here we go again; it’s that time of the year.

In the last few weeks leading up to the 12th year anniversary of the Algiers agreement and 10th year of the EEBC anniversary, instead of defending justice and upholding the Rule of Law, the dogs and haters are back on the bandwagon of attacking and blackmailing Eritrea.

Recently, there was news that a female Eritrean Air force member defected to Saudi Arabia when she was supposedly sent to “bring back President Isaias Afwerki’s hijacked PRIVATE jet” and now out of all the good news that comes out of Eritrea daily, we are told instead that a well known former fighter and painter Michael Adonai has just left the country of course for no other reasons “No free press, no elections and worsening political climate in Eritrea”. It should be known that Michael Adonai has been living outside of Eritrea pursuing his art carrier and studies for quite a while.

Yet another article sponsored by the same enemies aimed at victimizing Eritrea further and legitimizing Ethiopia’s illegal occupation of Eritrea’s sovereign territory in breach of every single international law, appeared on “Moon of the South” magazine on April 4th accusing Eritrea of supporting not only Al-Shabab but many other rebel groups in Africa, which is totally fabricated with the sole purpose of deflecting the spotlight from Ethiopia and largely the UN/EU/AU & the USA.

The Eritrean people are hard at work to improve the life conditions of every citizen, to provide adequate healthcare, pure drinking water and ensure food security while also actively being involved in rebuilding the infrastructure and economy, with the golden Eritrean principle of Self-Reliance applied in every single endeavor. The hard work and dedication of our people supported by the Government of Eritrea and the armed forces is already bearing fruit to the dismay, disappointment and heartache of the enemies of Eritrea.

If ensuring Social Justice is a standard by which a country or governments are to be judged, then Eritrea’s score card is A++ since the effort to enable every citizen in achieving financial independence, ensuring availability of clean drinking water, adequate medical services, equal opportunity to education, respecting and protecting gender & religious equality are the daily mission of the Government and people of Eritrea and anyone needs to do is just simply visit Eritrea and see.

During the armed struggle for the liberation of Eritrea, Eritreans of all walks of life joined the movement and some fell off the track for selfish reasons. Since independence, Eritreans have been on yet another bitter struggle for economic liberation & nation building with the participation of all Eritreans. Regardless of what obstacles thrown on our way and no matter how loud the enemies bark, Eritrea & its people under the brilliant and far sighted leadership of the Eritrean Government are making every day better and brighter than the one before while those who lost heart and betrayed Eritrea & its people are living in anguish filled with regret, desperation and failure because they know that Eritrea will persevere and they can smell its success.

The question is what will the so called advocates of human rights, peace, freedom and justice write in their history books? That they were just and fair or that they were hateful and racist enough to sabotage a nations development efforts or that they defended murderers and criminals instead of standing by the side of a proud and hard working people that need a hand to better themselves and the world?

The UN/EU/AU & most importantly the United States are flagrantly refusing to shoulder their responsibility to up hold the rule of law that they pretend to abide by and force Ethiopia to accept the “Final and Binding” agreement of the EEBC without any precondition. Eritrea will succeed no doubt and all that are stubbornly stuck in the idea of derailing from its path, will definitely regret their actions if they have a conscience that is.

The injustice and crimes committed against the Eritrean people must end.