TPLF’s Latest Strategy to Return to Power, Restore Ethnic Apartheid in Ethiopia

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The TPLF wolf in sheepskin is in your midst. Beware or the wiley wolf will get you by the jugular.

TPLF to Restore Ethnic Apartheid in Ethiopia
The TPLF hunkered and bunkered down at the Axum Hotel in Mekele is negotiating to create an opposition alliance together with elements of the Arena Party, Amhara National Movement and Oromo Liberation Front.


The latest strategy by the bosses of the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) hunkered and bunkered down at the Axum Hotel in Mekele is to bring together elements of the Arena Party, Amhara National Movement and Oromo Liberation Front to wage a scorched earth opposition against the nonviolent change that is taking place in Ethiopia today and take over power.

The information supporting this revelation could have been related to me by member(s) of Arena Party, Amhara National Movement and Oromo Liberation Front or all three.

But there is no question that I have received the tip from a highly reliable informant(s).

The singular aim of the TPLF bosses in bringing elements of the three entities is to create a fake Amhara-Tigray-Oromo coalition behind which they can hide as they wage a scorched earth strategy to destroy what has been described as the Oromo-Amhara alliance, which resulted in the TPLF’s ouster.

The timing of the formation of the fake coalition is in itself curious. In just about four weeks, PM Abiy will be celebrating his first year in office. What better way to steal his thunder? What better way to rain on his parade by parading a fake Amhara-Tigray-Oromo coalition?

According to my source(s), the TPLF bosses recently concluded a secret assessment of their efforts to date to destabilize and usher in a period of chaos in Ethiopia.

The conclusions they reached are self-evident and plain for all to see.

Their attempts at taking the life of PM Abiy Ahmed have failed.

Their attempts to instigate a coup have failed.

Their attempts to create ethnic tensions which could deteriorate into ethnic and religious civil war in various parts of the country have failed.

Their attempts to create division and strife within the EPRDF have failed.

Their attempt to scare monger the population about an imminent genocide have failed.

Their attempts to mobilize international support for themselves by claiming genocide and ethnic persecution have failed.

They have failed on all fronts. The TPLF is confused and bewildered about to do to get back in the game.

What can the TPLF bosses do in the face of the total failure of their political intrigue and machinations?

The TPLF bosses have decided to return to their tried and tested dirty old tricks of divide and rule.

For the last 27 years, the TPLF maintained its ethnic apartheid system in Ethiopia by pitting Oromo against Amhara, Tigray against Amhara, Sidama against Wolieta, Afari against Somalia and so on.

But the TPLF’s ethnic apartheid system came apart almost a year ago when H.E. Dr. Abiy Ahmed became prime minister.

Over the past year, the TPLF bosses have left no stone unturned to demonize, criticize and ostracize PM Abiy and his administration.

They have waged scurrilous attacks on the integrity and reputations of the leaders of the nonviolent Ethiopian revolution.

Above all, they have done everything in their power by using billions they have stolen they have stolen from the Ethiopian people to

  1. trivialize the achievements of the PM Abiy administration;
  2. delegitimize the extraordinary and historic democratic changes in Ethiopia by waging a concerted and coordinated cyber psychological warfare on social media; and
  3. direct and coordinate behind the scenes death and destruction they hoped will bring Ethiopia into civil war.

To accomplish this purpose, they have not only paid street thugs to wreak havoc on the civilian population in the countryside but also hired empty barrel intellectuals, journalists, pundits and trolls to wage psychological cyber warfare for them.

But their efforts have only produced strange fruits of death and destruction.

Their message of hate and division has fallen on deaf ears.

But they continue to preach their gospel of ethnic supremacy to their chorus of hate mongers and thugs.

But the Financial Times, a British newspaper founded in 1888, best described the changes that have taken place in Ethiopia over the past year in its report a few days ago. Abi Ahmed

has overseen the swiftest political liberalisation in Ethiopia’s more than 2,000-year history.

The TPLF bosses today are hellbent on totally destroying the current reform and liberalization process in Ethiopia at any and all costs.

What must the TPLF bosses do to destroy Ethiopia’s nonviolent revolution?

That in a nutshell was the quintessential question the TPLF bosses faced at the end of their analysis (gimgema) recently.

The consensus they reached was unambiguous:

Destroy once and for all the so-called Oromo-Amhara alliance which ended the TPLF’s ethnic supremacy and ethnic apartheid in Ethiopia.

TPLF boss Getachew Reda once said of Oromos and Amharas coming together, “If Amharas and Oromos are united, that means we, the TPLF, have not done our homework”.

Getachew Reda also said, “Amhara and Oromo are like “chid” (the chaff from Ethiopia’s staple food teff) and fire (the equivalent of fire and highly combustible pampas grass). They can never come together as one.”

I know exactly what the TPLF bosses think of Amharas. I have it documented it over the years. The TPLF bosses believe Amharas are “retards” and “enemies”.

This is also exactly what they tell and teach their children about Amharas:

Yes, the Gojames (Amara people) are called retards. Gonderes (another Amhara people) are enemies. They should not be given awards. They are retards. In terms of thinking, their brains, they are low, very low. They are low retards. They are in a separate category. They represent a retarded idea, a retarded way of doing things.

The TPLF bosses believe Amharas are dumb as a flock of turkeys.

The TPLF also believes Amharas must be wiped out as an ethnic group.

It is all in their Manifesto and corroborated in the testimony of their top leaders.

I also know exactly what the TPLF bosses think of Oromos.

They believe Oromos are “criminals and terrorists”.

They believe Oromos do not have the innate ability to govern or exercise political power because they too are dumb and stupid.

The ignorant TPLF thugs are clueless that Oromos are the originators of the African Gada democratic system!

The TPLF bosses believe they, and only they are the smartest, the brightest, the bravest and the chosen ones.

The rest of Ethiopians are God-forsaken fools and idiots, as their late leader used to say. well, the TPLF bosses are now back to school, the school of intrigue, double-dealing, conspiracy and monkey business.

They are huddled to do their homework.

What is their homework today? Well, it is the homework they did not finish yesterday!

Slice, dice, mince, divide and chop Ethiopians into hate groups so that they can cannibalize each other while the TPLF bosses sit at Hotel Axum sipping French cognac.

The TPLF bosses have done their homework.

They have created a make-believe, shell opposition force composed of elements of Arena Party, Amhara National Movement and the Oromo Liberation Front to do the dirty work for them by promising to

  1. defend the constitution;
  2. preserve ethnic federalism;
  3. reject neoliberalism and oppose privatization of inefficient state-owned enterprises promised by PM Abiy;
  4. give greater autonomy to local areas;
  5. return Addis Ababa (Finfine) to Oromos;
  6. rescind the Ethiopian-Eritrean peace accords by insisting on reclamation of Eritrean ports, among others.

The die has been cast according to the information I have received.

Elements of Arena, Amhara National Movement and the Oromo Liberation Front are in negotiations as of this writing and may be ready to announce their new coalition at any time.

The shadow coalition and fake shell opposition force the TPLF has created to undermine the current peaceful change may succeed in creating the illusion of a real opposition force and sow temporary confusion in a segment of the public mind, but it will not succeed.

There are three reasons why it will not succeed:

First, the Ethiopian people will not be fooled by the TPLF wolf in sheep’s clothing trying to sell them snake oil.

The TPLF bosses have always believed the people of Ethiopia are fools and idiots, as their late leader once said. They think they can hoodwink and bamboozle them with sweet talk and empty promises. But that too will fail.

Today, Ethiopia enjoys a free press with energetic journalists and bloggers who will shed the light of truth on the secret intrigues and machinations of the TPLF to return to power regardless of the tricks they may pull out of their rear ends.

Second, the TPLF’s ethnic apartheid system and ethnic supremacy is dead, dead, dead! It will never return to Ethiopia.

No amount of backroom dealing, payoffs of so-called opposition leaders, or armies of social media trolls and empty barrel intellectual, journalists and pundits will bring back to life the TPLF’s ethnic apartheid system.

Third, as I have warned the TPLF on numerous occasions, IT IS GAME OVER!

In October 2017, I wrote a commentary entitled, “Ethiopia: The Day After… the Firestorm”, I predicted the strategy the TPLF is using today.

I also predicted the TPLF’s endgame will be: “ ‘Apres nous, le deluge.’ After us, the flood.

Like the proverbial Ethiopian donkey which said, ‘After I am gone, I could not care less, if grass grows.”

After the TPLF is gone, they could not care less if grass grows in Ethiopia or Ethiopia is consumed in a forest fire.”

If Ethiopia cannot be a plaything and playground for the TPLF, she can go to hell in a handbasket.

But we Ethiopians care about our country.

We will make our country a paradise in Africa.

A year ago, Ethiopia rose from the hellfire of TPLF rule because God lifted her up by her outstretched hands.

I will prophesy to the TPLF bosses this simple truth. In the end, your swords will pierce your own hearts and your bows will be broken. If they doubt me, I challenge them to go back and review all of the prophesies I have made about them.

In February 2013, I prophesied the TPLF shall inherit the wind.

In February 2019, the TPLF inherited the wind.

In February 2019, the TPLF is gone with the wind!

I give one advice to my fellow Ethiopian sisters and brothers everywhere.

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. Stay alert and awake.

The TPLF wolf in sheepskin is in your midst. Beware or the wiley wolf will get you by the jugular.

I call on all Ethiopians to stand vigilant and defend the nonviolent revolution on the ground and in cyberspace as the TPLF bosses roll out their latest and greatest show to reinvent themselves, return to power and reestablish ethnic apartheid!

What should we make of the three-ring dog and pony circus of the TPLF-created coalition composed of elements of Arena Party, Amhara National Movement and the Oromo Liberation Front?

Do what everyone does at any circus: Be entertained!

But never, never, never underestimate the wolf in sheep’s clothing.