In Memory of September 1st and Our Founding Patriots

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Eritrea's founding patriots
In memory of September 1st, 1961, the day armed struggle for national liberation starts, and in memory of our founding patriots…


Nations are always their narrations. This is the main reason that compels us to pay certain tribute to the past. Therefore, we have to honour past events, the story itself and most importantly our beloved brothers and sisters who accomplish such grand patriotic commitment. 

This is a way of honouring by the future itself. Respectively, we Eritreans are glorified of having a wonderful history. Because of having many heroes, we don’t need to invent them like some countries did.

So, in memory of September 1st, 1961, and in memory of our founding patriots, here are some historic speeches made by some Eritrean patriots which are being quoted from various history books, of their speeches characters as the best credential as their patriotism, commitment, and populism.

“These mountains have placated for a long period. Once again we have to habituate them with the sound of Bullets. The life we are living today is valueless. We have seen much humiliations and mortifications. You know very well that, we people never fear to fight in order to obviate any danger. And our history is full of braveries.”

– Martyr: Hammid Idriss Awate.

“Today we are weak. We don’t own much and we depend up on you. You too are poor like us and don’t own much. But the future is awaiting us. The revolution will pervade all over our beloved homeland-Eritrea and will include all Eritreans with whatever orientations and faiths and from wherever region. The revolution will get massive support from our friends in all over the world. Just we have to persist until we attain the desired end.”

– Martyr: Omar Hammid Ezaz

“ Ethiopia will not be able to fight you because it depends on mercenaries. Even these mercenaries have accustomed to crimes and booty. We have nothing that they can plunder or loot. Therefore, you will advance hurriedly towards victory and they will advance hurriedly towards defeat. Yesterdays battle has proved their funk and the coming battles will show you their inanition”.

– Martyr: Tahir Salim

“When we held up our guns to liberate our mother country from the Ethiopian invaders, we were certain that we would make valuable sacrifices. Meanwhile, we were sure that the enemy would suffer terrible loses and that he would leave our land being disgracefully humiliated.”

– Martyr: Idriss Haj.

“ We are not inviters of war but we are proponents of peace- based on justice. Whoever thinks that we will give up for such a reality, we will never delay to defeat him severely and he will never forget it for the rest of his life. This will be the fate of our enemy-Ethiopia soon”.

– Martyr. Omar Nassir.

“Today we are fighting a deadly enemy assisted by American imperialism and world Zionism. But be sure that sooner or later, we will win. History proves that the victory of the mass over imperialists is ineluctable” Martyr.

– Dr. Yahya Jabr.

“Our revolution started with great resoluteness and determination only. Today its sound is being heard all over the world with its power, determination, and persistence. Tomorrow it will be one of the revolutions certificated with victory and it will be circulated among history books”

– Martyr: Mohammed Saeed Shams

“ O.. brave fighters, the war we have been engaged in against our enemy Ethiopia is not our desire but they enforced us to do so having in mind that we could never persist. Let us show them that we beat with fierceness and without clemency.”

– Martyr: Ibrahim Abdulmanan

“Our revolution today is supported by Eritrean people’s will. Wherever he is, he is ready to exert and sacrifice all what he owns for the sake of his beloved home country until the victory.”

– Martyr: Arefayne Habtetsion.

“ Our battles proved the strength of the Eritrean Liberation Army in warfare. Let us humiliate the enemy and force him to go back living behind dead bodies and his war equipments”.

– Martyr: Mohammed Ali Wollo.

“Depending on ourselves, and with our stubborn persistence we will win.” Martyr:

– Mohammed Saera.

“ Our people who stood today in the face of imperialistic conspiracies is able to crush the enemy and will stay in the march -as long as there is no alternative- till the victory.”

– Martyr: Gamhat Idriss.