Uganda’s Best Musicians Set for Eritrea Independence

Ugandans to Perform on Eritrea's 20th Independence Anniversary Musical Extravaganza

By Abu-Baker Mulumba (The Observer)

Jose Chameleone, Jackie Chandiru, DJ Aludah and AK 47 are set to fly Uganda’s flag high at the 20th Independence Anniversary Musical Extravaganza in Eritrea.

According to a press release from Jackie, the anniversary celebrations will start on May 14 to May 24. There will be groups such as Planet Awards winner Africa Umoja from South Africa, Fulani from Germany, Ahmed Al Reyah from Sudan and others.

Eritrea, the youngest African Nation achieved independence in 1991, after a protracted 30-year-long armed struggle. Eritrea fought and won the liberation struggle without any external help. The national festival held in the summer at the Expo grounds in Asmara is attended by thousands every year.

Jackie Chandiru of Uganda

The people of Eritrea are known for self-reliance, hard work, hospitality and magnanimity. The Eritrean people celebrate every independence anniversary in grand style, because they have paid a high price for their liberation, over 65,000 people are believed to have died during the struggle for independence.

As preparations for this year’s celebrations get underway, it comes as no surprise that music will take centre stage. During the struggle for independence, music and drama were used for education and mobilization and it was a means of expressing the hopes, pains and suffering of the people of Eritrea.

After independence, music played a vital role in mobilizing support for the rehabilitation and development of Eritrea. So, this year, musicians from all over the world will converge on Asmara to participate in the historical event.

Uganda's DJ Aludah

Among the many productions that will be on display this year is the music collaboration by Eritrea’s international artistes such as Eriam Sisters, Helen Tesfazgie, NJOY, and many more.

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