UN Human Right Council’s Bogus Reports and the Forgery

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 how anti-Eritrea detractors within the UN will use forgery to vilify eritrea
The recent UN forgery incident was a vivid example how detractors use even the UN to fabricate, forger and manipulate as long as it serves in vilifying Eritrea

By Daniel Y. Tikabo,

RECENTLY, the UN Commission of Inquiry (COI) released its 500+ pages report on the human rights situation in Eritrea. The report was firmly rejected by Eritreans all over the world for being bogus and politically motivated. And this week, Eritrea’s detractors in the UN, following their modus operandi, resorted to tampering with Eritrea’s submissions to the UN Human Rights Council (HRC).

The forgery was exposed. Apparently the UN admitted making the “mistake.”

But was it really a “mistake” or a deliberate attempt to deny Eritrea the right to express its views? Or, is this an attempt to influence the positions of the members of the UN Human Rights Council with false information? Let’s look at the pattern:

  • While compiling its report, the COI denied hundreds of Eritrean communities in the Diaspora and organizations representing hundreds of thousands of Eritrean citizens the opportunity to express their views on the situation in their country.
  • The COI rejected requests made for meetings from foreign companies and Embassies based in Eritrea.
  • The voices of the thousands of Eritreans and friends of Eritrea who demonstrated against the Commission’s report in Geneva on 22 June 2015 were also completely ignored.

The list of attempts to muzzle the truth and to silence the voice of Eritrea can go on and on.

Therefore, forgery incident is another vivid example of how Eritrea’s detractors within the UN and the big powers behind the anti-Eritrea campaign will use any means- fabrication, forgery, manipulation – to vilify Eritrea and force UN bodies to pass yet another unjust and illegal decision against Eritrea.