UN Secretary Ban Ki-Moon Applauds Eritrea’s Role in Sudan

President Isaias met Secretary Ban Ki Moon in Juba


United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon applauded Eritrea’s “contribution to peace and stability in Sudan.”  The Secretary General said, Eritrea is an important regional actor and its role for peace in Sudan has been significant. He mentioned Eritrea’s facilitation of the East Sudan Peace Agreement and Eritrea’s role in the Darfur peace process.

The UN Secretary General made his remarks when he met Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki in Juba on Friday. He thanked Isaias for his presence in Juba for the independence celebrations of South Sudan and requested Eritrea to continue its support for South Sudan.

We have consistently supported the people of South Sudan,” replied President Isaias, “including with the blood of our citizens, who gave their lives in South Sudan fighting alongside the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement.”  He assured the Secretary General that Eritrea would continue to support the South within its modest means.

President Isaias also congratulated Mr. Moon on his reelection as the Secretary General of the United Nations. He extended an invitation to him to visit Eritrea in order to continue the dialogue between Eritrea and the United Nations. The President requested the Secretary General to help arrange for Eritrean representatives to present Eritrea’s views on regional issues.

President Isaias arrived in Juba on Friday morning to attend the independence celebrations of South Sudan. Ever since its independence in 1993, Eritrea has been closely associated with the struggle of the people of  South Sudan. It was also an active participant in the IGAD peace process that led to the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005.


President Isaias holds talks with UN Secretary General in Juba

UN Chief met Eritrean President on the sidelines of South Sudan independence celebration

By Shabait.com,

President Isaias Afwerki, yesterday held talks in Juba city with the UN the Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon on bilateral relations and issues of mutual interest.

In the meeting characterized with a spirit of understanding, the President pointed out that Eritrea would continue its effort and modest role towards promoting development and cooperation in the Horn of Africa, in the conviction that peace and stability are of paramount importance to this end. In this regard, he called for the United Nations to make due contribution in this domain.

President Isaias further assured the UN Secretary General that Eritrea would continue its contribution and positive engagement for fostering peace and stability in the Horn region in general and in Sudan in particular.

Calling for the annulment of the illegal and unjust sanctions resolution against Eritrea adopted on December 2009, he further reminded that an Eritrean delegation should be given a chance to present Eritrea’s just case to the Security Council and challenge the parties that sponsored the resolution.  President Isaias also underlined that the necessary forum should be created in which the ‘accusers’ and Eritrean government representatives meet face to face.

Meanwhile, the President invited Mr. Ban Ki-moon to visit Eritrea so as to observe the objective situation from close quarters. Furthermore, President Isaias expressed readiness to visit the UN headquarters so as hold in-depth discuss on the issue.

Mr. Ban Ki-moon expressed appreciation to the role Eritrea plays in the Horn of Africa in general and the Sudan issue in particular, as well as the cooperation it has demonstrated to his special envoys on the issues just mentioned. He also noted the significance of Eritrea’s enhanced role towards promoting peace and stability in the Horn region, in addition to strengthening its partnership with the UN.

The Secretary General further stated that meeting he conducted with President Isaias is significant in strengthening cooperation of partnership between Eritrea and the United Nations. Mr. Ban Ki-moon also accepted the President’s invitation to visit Eritrea.

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