UNHCR: Over 6000 Ethiopians Infiltrate to Yemen in 3 Months

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Ethiopian immigrants  exodus to Yemen continues at an alarming rate
Last year alone, more than 62,000 people, mostly Ethiopians, sneaked by several smuggling boats, have reached Yemen through the dangerous waters of the Gulf of Aden: UNHCR

By Qatar News Agency,

THE High Commission for Refugees has announced that more than 8148 African infiltrators arrived in Yemen during the first three months of 2014.

The Commission said in a report published today in Sana’a that new arrivals from the Horn of Africa to Yemen rose in March compared to the number registered during the month of February. 

The report stated that 5431 immigrants from the Horn of Africa arrived in Yemen in March 2014 while 1906 immigrants arrived in the country during the month of February pointing out that the number of African refugees who arrived in Yemen until the end of last march amounted to 8148 including 1861 Somalis and 6272 Ethiopians.

Meanwhile a Yemeni security official source said the number of immigrants infiltrating from the Horn of Africa region to Yemen is on the rise during this period which saw the arrest of a large number of them pointing out that the Coast Guard in the coastal city of Mocha in Taiz governorate seized at dawn today a smuggling boat near the island of Miyun with 75 infiltrators on board including 60 Ethiopians and 15 Somalis among them 4 women.

According to the source military patrols yesterday evening seized a smuggling boat at Zabab coast in the same province carrying 23 Somalis and 17 Ethiopians.

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