United Nations Compound in Asmara Going Green

UN Eritrea going green
UN Eritrea going green

By UN Systems,

Asmara the capital city for Eritrea is in the horn of Africa and enjoys relatively good sunshine throughout the year.

This perfect weather condition has therefore allowed the UN office in Asmara to switch to green energy source to power its compound with the installation of a solar power system composed of 114 panels each providing 145 watts totaling to 16 kilowatts of electricity that can last up to 8 hours a day. 

This project was produced at a cost of $113,000 through the joint contribution of all the UN agencies operating in the compound.

It will take close to 2 years for the office to recover the initial cost. At the moment the main utility power company is designed to be used as a backup to the solar power supply.

It is also estimated that the solar system will last for six years without any problem.

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Asmara Municipal Administration has plans of replacing the city’s entire street lights with solar power by 2015. As part of the pilot project, it installed more than 120 solar light poles in several neighborhoods including Airport Grounds, Edaga-Hamus, Edaga-Haraj, Gejeret and State House. The project was a resounding success as it turns out the new solar lights are just as bright as their predecessors and stayed lighted up for 14 hours a day non-stop.

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