Western Media as An Accomplice to TPLF Killings in Ethiopia

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A Wall of Silence. The international media’s silence over the wanton killings of ethnic Amhara and Oromo peaceful protesters in Ethiopia is a deliberate blackout. STOP ignoring or downplaying the shocking brutality of a regime that you regard as an ally.

By Abel Kebedom,

By now it must be clear to every Ethiopian that the western mainstream media is neither free nor impartial. Everything it does is intertwined with the western interest. If the news does not serve the western interest, thousands of people could disappear without the world population hearing a single word about their demise.

Conversely, if the news serves the western interest, even the death of one person could be a big deal. Although both countries are in the same region, compared to the news coverage given to the popular uprising in Egypt, you could say the western media coverage of the current TPLF minority regime genocide of the Amhara and Oromo people in Ethiopia is nothing.

This is mainly because the western TV networks need a green light from their governments to report the news. No green light means no coverage. That explains the deafening silence of CNN and other big TV networks on the killings the TPLF minority regime has unleashed on the innocent Amhara and Oromo people in Ethiopia.

Imagine if this were in Eritrea. The Martine Plaut’s, the Leonard Vincent’s, the Dan Conell’s, and others could have made a big noise out of it. In fact, the monitoring group’s and the Keetharuth’s could have even pushed it to the Security Council and made even a bigger news out of it. But when it comes to Ethiopia you do not hear them saying even a single word.

The reason is they do not have the green light from their financial backers to talk about it. If you incentivized people to act in a certain way, they will act the way you want them to act. Hence, the so called human right advocates, UN agencies and news stations are incentivized to protect western interests. That is why so many people have a reasonable suspicion about the mission of these institutions and are often tend to reject them.

Currently the Oromo and Amhara people, all over Ethiopia, are voicing their opposition to the TPLF, Tigray minority looters, who happen to control the current government in Ethiopia. The opposition by the Amhara and Oromo people to the TPLF minority rule is important for so many reasons:

1. It is an opposition to a minority by the majority

The Amhara’s and Oromo’s, who make 80% of the total population of Ethiopia, are opposing the TPLF minority regime that makes less than one percent of the 6% Tigray population. If the Western media daily preaching for democracy, rule by the majority and human right was really from the heart, then the current majority voice in Ethiopia could have mattered and gotten a wide coverage.

Again when it comes to Ethiopia, it is easy to learn that western interest comes before human rights and democracy. TPLF is an anchor messenger of the western world in the horn of Africa. Hence, for the western world it is better to support the messenger that makes less than 1% of the people of Ethiopia than the will of the over 80% Ethiopians. That is how the Western system works.

2. It is an opposition to economic injustice

Although the TPLF minority regime in Ethiopia makes less than one percent of the 6% Tigreans, it controls over 90% of the Ethiopian economy. It placed its supporters who are mainly Tigreans in Federal government positions, established parastatal institutions that run the economy and takes fertile land from the Amhara’s and Oromo’s to settle minority Tigreans in Addis Ababa, Wolakite-Tegede and Wollo.

There is no better Testament to TPLF tribalism than the recent revelations that the employees of the office of the late prime minister of Ethiopia Meles Zenawi, who hails from Tigray, were all Tigreans. To continue resettling Tigreans in other regions in Ethiopia, TPLF continues to place vibrant cities in Ethiopia under the federal government. A city Under federal government of Ethiopia means under the control of Tigreans because the federal government is controlled by Tigreans.

While the Oromo’s are fighting Tigrean expansion and settlement in Addis Ababa, the Amhara’s are fighting the looting and annexation of their fertile land of Wolkaite-Tegede by Tigray state, which is the foot hold of TPLF.

3. It is an opposition to TPLF hidden agenda

Everyone knows that TPLF is preparing its foothold Tigray state for “future independent” country. If that was not the case, there is no reason for TPLF to take land from Wollo, Gonder and Eritrea to create the greater Tigray. If TPLF believed in one Ethiopia, it would let every Ethiopian move all over Ethiopia freely to work and live. Borders should not have mattered at all. There is no reason to annex fertile land from neighboring states and give it to its foothold Tigray region.

TPLF land grab is not limited to within Ethiopia. Due to TPLF’s false land claim from an independent country Eritrea, more than 70,000 Ethiopian solders lost their life during the 1998-2000 border war. Later the Eritrean-Ethiopia border commission in the Hague ruled the flash point Badme belongs to Eritrea. TPLF’s continuous occupation of Badme, despite the border commission’s ruling, and repeated conflict with Eritrea explains TPLF’s determination to expand Tigray at any cost, off course, cost paid by the people of Ethiopia.

4. It is an opposition to Tyranny

It cannot be further from the Truth If I say the minority TPLF regime is an occupying army in Ethiopia sponsored by the US and EU. The minority TPLF regime steals elections, and when the Ethiopian people mount an opposition to TPLF’s stealing voting ballots, it goes on a killing spree without any repercussions from its sponsors.

In the year 2000, more than 200 Ethiopians, who opposed the TPLF’s vote stealing, were killed in execution style and more than 50,000 were arrested. As a revenge to ONLF’s attack on Chines’ gas exploration facilities in Ogden, TPLF carpet bombed the Ogden region and people fled to refugee camps in Kenya. Last year over 500 Oromo’s youth and women were killed because they opposed the confiscation of their land surrounding Addis Ababa for Tigrean resettlement in Addis Ababa. The killing in Gondar and other places continues even as you read this article. In return for all this atrocities TPLF is unleashing on the Ethiopian people, it is rewarded by a significant amount of grants from the US and the EU, plus a non-permanent seat in the UN Security Council.

5. It is an opposition to ethnic based politics, regionalism and TPLF divide and rule policy

The fact that TPLF makes less than one percent of the 6% Tigreans, it had to cut and slice the Ethiopian people into ethnic groups and work hard to turn them against each other. That policy may have worked for the last 25 years. However, recently the Ethiopian people realized the consequences of the wicked TPLF divide and rule policy and are coming together to challenge it. The unity among the Oromo, Amhara, Christians and the Muslim witnessed recently is a big blow to the TPLF minority regime and may be the single most weapon that could help them to send the TPLF minority regime back to Tigray. The Ethiopian people understood that it is only when they unite they become strong.

In conclusion, the Ethiopian people should not expect the western media to cover their opposition to the TPLF minority regime unless the western world thinks TPLF rule in Ethiopia is coming to an end. Hence the mission of the current opposition in Ethiopia should be to show the western world that TPLF is not a feasible western partner anymore and they have to find a new one, that is the Ethiopian people.

Victory to the Masses!!