Video: “Eritrea Struggle To Survive” (Full Documentary)

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Part of Baney Media's PBS series "Behind the Crisis"

Eritrea’s Struggle to Survive is the result of unprecedented access that offers a rare look inside the new nation of Eritrea. It’s a place that many have never heard of, yet which offers stunning beauty, geographical and ethnic diversity – and an indomitable spirit.

This is the first full-length High Definition documentary ever filmed in the newly created state – it’s the story of saving unique Art Deco architecture, a mid-century steam train – and also the more urgent attempt to preserve the health of its children through its education system and network of teachers.

It’s also the story of the longest successful guerrilla war in history – a three decade underground struggle that created an underground government-in-waiting. And when those fighters won independence, we see the remarkable result: health and education systems created in tandem that work together, and now which are set on preserving the future of its school children, just like it has set out to preserve its culture.

Beautifully filmed, enjoyable to watch, Eritrea’s Struggle to Survive will take you on a journey to the most beautiful place you’ve never been to. Part of Baney Media’s PBS series “Behind the Crisis