Visiting Italian Surgeons Carrying Out Heart Surgery

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Eritrea's two decades of investment towards a healthier society finally paid off
Eritrea’s two decades of investment towards a healthier society finally paid off

By Shabait,

Members of an Italian medical crew from the Italian city of Padova who are in Eritrea for a surgical campaign targeting pediatric cardiac cases requiring surgical intervention have expressed appreciation for the competence of Eritrean medical professionals. 

Indicating that her current trip constitutes the 10th one since the year 2004, Prof. Ornella Milansi, one of the medical experts numbering 19, expressed satisfaction with engaging in such joint surgical venture which involved exchange of experience. She further stated that the 9-day work exposure in the country has enabled them to witness availability of reliable medical facilities and expertise paired with professional commitment.

Likewise, Prof.Giovanni Stellin stated that Eritrea is one of the countries that have registered remarkable achievement regarding cardiac surgery, and that the government’s endeavors towards human resource development would give impetus to this virtue. He further voiced appreciation for the spirit of collaboration witnessed in the course of the campaign.

Dr. Tsigereda Gebrehiwet, head of the Pediatric Center at Orotta National Referral Hospital, disclosed that the medical crew conducted successful surgeries on 12 children, and that the process provided groundwork for Eritrean co-workers to demonstrate their competency thereof.

Likewise, Dr. Yosef Tewolde, Surgeon at the National Referral Hospital, stated that such surgery could currently be done on children and infants of few months age thanks to the application of new technology. He also made note of the experience being acquired by Eritrean surgeons on the basis of joint ventures of this type.

Reports indicate that from the year 2002 to the present, more than 875 children have become beneficiaries of surgical services by medical teams from Germany, Switzerland and Italy.
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Exchange of Experience Between Eritrean and Italian Surgeons Described Vital


Italian medical crew appreciat competence of Eritrean medical professionals
Visiting medical crew appreciate competence of the Eritrean medical professionals

By Shabit,

[Asmara, 30 October 2012] – The Administration of Orotta National Referral Hospital indicated that impressive accomplishments have been registered on the basis of the long-standing exchange of experience and collaboration between Eritrean and Italian surgeons.

Pointing out that a dialysis section was be established in 2004 following the accord between the Eritrean Ministry of Health and several Italian health institutions as well as universities, Dr. Habteab Mehari, director of the hospital, disclosed that the section is currently rendering commendable service on the basis of 10 machines.

Among the visiting Italian crew of surgeons, Dr. Salvatore Galanti explained that this is his 16th visit to Eritrea, and that they have conducted successful operations in collaboration with Eritrean counterparts on 50 patients with kidney and urinary cases. He also stated that members of the crew look forward for ways and means laser-based kidney treatment could be introduced in the National Referral Hospital.

Dr. Solomon Gebregziabher, a surgeon in the National Referral Hospital, said that he has acquired valuable experience upon working with the visiting Italian medical crew from Rome, and voiced deep appreciation for the spirit of collaboration on the part of the fellow medical experts.

A number of Eritrean medical personnel have been attending further studies and training courses in various Italian universities, while the hospital is stepping up endeavors to equip newly graduating surgeons with the necessary experience, Dr. Habteab elaborated.

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