‘We are a Nation of Laws and the Law is Ours’ : Prof. Asmerom Legesse

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Prof. Asmerom Legesse
Prof. Asmerom Legesse’s Interview with Michel Collon of the Petit Oeil Production

By TesfaNews,

Petit Oeil, Producers of the ‘Eritrea: Come and See‘ documentary film, in association with Investig’Action presents the following interview they have conducted in Asmara with the renowned Lawyer, Sociologist and Anthropologist Professor Asmerom Legesse. on Eritrean Cultures against existing laws and customs.

Professor Asmerom eloquently narrates past and present history of the Eritrean conflict resolution culture with or with out existing laws and customs as well as societal awareness towards rule of law.

Professor Legesse put everything in such a way that the administration of the law and conflict resolution in the Eritrean culture are always exist even with out the existence of governments as the people appreciates, understands and value the rule of law.

He generalized such unique culture of the law in the Eritrean society as “Eritreans are a nation of laws and the law is theirs.”