We Eritreans Play as Hard as We Work!

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 Eritrea, the land of the can-do-people. Ghirmay and Daniel
HISTORY MADE ONCE AGAIN. From being the first African to race at the Tour de France and win a Polka dot King of the Mountains Jersey to the youngest-ever winner of any road event, male or female, at the world championships. Eritrea, the land of the can-do-people!

By Alem Fisshatzion,

Eritrean youths have once again proven to the world that we Eritreans play as hard as we work! As Ghirmay Ghebreslassie claims Eritrea’s first ever Gold medal in world athletics championship, he has also broken a world record in his own rights since he is the youngest ever marathon world champion.

First international cycling, and now marathon!

In case the world thought the cycling feats of Eritrean youth in the Tour de France was one isolated triumph, then the world better know that they have another thought coming! Eritrea has shown the world and her own East African neighbors that when it comes to work, we leave no stone unturned; thus our benchmarking best practices and excellence in agriculture, education, infrastructure and health care to name but a few.

Gone are the days when the world just shrugs when an Ethiopian, a Kenyan, Ugandan long distance athlete makes the headlines after the elite lock horns in an international sports meeting; that’s what’s expected of them. Well, Ghirmay Ghebreslassie says to the world: “Eritrea is the factor to reckon with, and Eritrea is here to stay!

Ethiopian Yemane Tsegay, one of the hottest aspirants for the gold medal, who in fact was leading the race until Ghirmay thundered past him to victory could only whine and complain of stomach cramps.

This is yet one glorious achievement of Eritrea that mainstream media cannot hide or censor from the world as the whole world could witness for itself live and direct on TV the historic victory. Reuters had no choice in the matter but to report to the world (albeit with remorse) that the youngest ever marathon gold medalist this time around was an Eritrean and the Ethiopian came second. I honestly advise Reuters to start getting used to this sort of news!

Talk about Ghirmay’s revenge for the world silence at the 10,000-man demonstration in Geneva!