We May Forgive but Never Forget

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Ethiopia's unconditional withdrawal from sovereign Eritrean territory, including Badme is the recipe to peace in the region
Ethiopia’s unconditional withdrawal from sovereign Eritrean territory, including Badme is the recipe to peace in the region

By Bereket Kidane,

With the passage of time, the minority regime in Ethiopia and its lackeys are hoping amnesia will set-in among the Eritrean population. They are hoping that the Eritrean people will somehow forget the fact that sovereign Eritrean territories continue to be illegally occupied today.

They are hoping that the passage of time will soften the desire to demarcate the blood-soaked international line between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

They are even hoping that the good-natured Eritrean people, who are often viewed as being naive and magnanimous by their southern neighbors [Ethiopia], will forget the reprehensible and inhumane way the TPLF regime conducted itself during the 1998-2000 war: brutally expelling Eritreans from Ethiopia after illegally confiscating their properties and separating them from their spouses and children in order to inflict maximum psychological pain, finally forcing them to cross the border by walking through landmines because it “didn’t like the color of their eyes.”

Eleven years after the Hague-based boundary commission issued its decision, the minority clique (with the help of its chief protector and benefactor, Uncle Sam) continues to refuse to demarcate the border and continues to pursue a no-war-no-peace strategy aimed at slowing the Eritrean economy and weakening Eritrean resolve.

To date, it has not had much success on either count. TPLF’s strategy, no doubt blessed and hatched by its rich benefactors, seems to be betting that with the passage of time the Eritrean people can be made to forget the real causes of the post-war complications and can be convinced to turn on each other and their government, destroying themselves in the process and allowing TPLF thugs to walk-in and set-up a puppet satellite government that is answerable to it.

Fortunately, the Eritrean people are a politically mature lot who can recognize a skunk when they see one. The treacherous nature of Weyane and its impossible dream of “Greater Tigray” has fooled no Eritrean.

Notwithstanding the so-called opposition groups and lackeys, there is no mass amnesia among the Eritrean population today. And there will never be any amnesia among the Eritrean population tomorrow or in the future!

Ethiopia must withdraw from all sovereign Eritrean territories and allow the blood-soaked international line to be demarcated.

This piece was originally appear on dehai.org under the title “Amnesia Will Never set-in among the Eritrean Population”