Woyane Regime in a Tizzy

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TPLF regime's covert intimidation tactics on Eritrea
The TPLF regime’s covert intimidation tactics to dissuade friendly countries from associating with Eritrea only entails frustration to the regime itself and its key sponsors.

By Berket Kidane,

The TPLF regime (Weyane) has been in a tizzy, an extreme state of worry, anxiety and confusion ever since countries closely aligned with the United States like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and India started rebuffing its attempt at blackmail.

Weyane officials have been reaching for their ulcers medicine all spring and summer long when the European Union decided to change its policy to that of an engagement with Eritrea, coupled with the positive international media coverage Eritrea was receiving due to its athletes’ accomplishments on the world stage.

Weyane’s tizzy continued when Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia invited President Isaias for a visit to Riyadh and signed a strategic cooperation and security agreement on the Red Sea.

Weyane has been throwing a fit kind of like your five-year old child’s temper tantrum at a toy store when you tell him no. It’s been going around telling countries that it has the “green light” from the United States to attack Eritrea as if war with Eritrea is anything but a picnic.

I am sure Weyane has not forgotten the bloody nose it received from its invasion after spending every dime it ever begged internationally to the tune of $2 billion on the war effort with Eritrea only to come up empty-handed and defeated. For details of how that war went down, please read Tesfaye Gebreab’s memoir “How General Tsadkan Cried During the 1998-2000 War With Eritrea.”

Weyane’s latest tizzy has to do with India’s rebuff of its blackmail. India decided to ignore Weyane’s fit and invited President Isaias to New Delhi for an India-Africa Summit. India, of course, has its own strategic interests in Africa and its companies are highly interested in Eritrea’s extractive industries.

Ah, “the times, they are changing” as that song by Bob Dylan has it. And that has Weyane in a tizzy.