YPFDJ Holland Claim €180,000 from Veldhoven Municipality: Lawyer

YPFDJ Holland to claim 180.000 Euro from the mayor of Veldhoven
The organisers of the 13th YPFDJ Holland Conference have started to take measures to redress the injustices committed by the Mayor of Veldhoven.


The organizers of the forbidden Eritrean Youth Conference last month wants the costs incurred on the municipality of Veldhoven. That amounts to at least 180,000 euros, declares their lawyer.

The Mayor of Veldhoven cancels the meeting after a disturbance among protesters had taken place around the Koningshof conference center.

“The conference itself has cost 180,000 euros,” says Bart-Jan Walraven, the lawyer representing the Eritrean organization.

“People have to re-book because they were not allowed to remain in Koningshof. There were 540 people [European citizens of Eritrean heritage] from all over Europe who stayed overnight and had bought plane tickets.”

Total Costs

The [Eritrean] organization is calculating what the total cost has been exactly. We want to charge that damage to the municipality of Veldhoven,” Walraven said. “If I had been to Veldhoven, I would have held extensive consultation with any of the liability insurance. We will prosecute to the State Council.”

Previously, the municipality of Veldhoven also knew how to claim costs. After the mayor had banned the meeting, the municipality hired several coaches to remove hundreds of conference participants.

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According to a spokeswoman from the municupality, Veldhoven also made costs and still looks who should pay that bill. The municipality says that additional staff costs have been incurred, legal advice has been taken and, in addition, bus transportation has been taken to remove hundreds of participants after the conference has been canceled.

The exact costs are still calculated, according to the spokeswoman. The municipality does not yet want to respond to the possible claim of the Eritreans.

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