Africa COVID-19: Eritrea a Model to Follow

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Africa need to follow the Eritrean model in fighting COVID-19 pandemic.
A small African country Eritrea achieved to fully control the spread of COVID-19 without any fatality and ahead of other countries. It’s wealth of experience can be an example to follow in Africa.


A country that is achieving excellent results in preventing and managing the COVID-19 epidemic is Eritrea. A small African country long demonized because of its independence and its resilience against any foreign interference.

With only 39 positive cases including 37 recovered and no deaths, this is the country that deserves our congratulations and respect.

We wanted to know more about the reasons for this success by interviewing the international organizations present in the country. The responses obtained can be summarized as follows:

Patriotic and disciplined population which has been actively mobilized to face the challenges posed by this pandemic

Continuous and effective awareness-raising action by the media

Effective prevention management on the part of the Government, which has rapidly closed the air, sea and land borders by putting all those who have arrived since the beginning of the epidemic in quarantine

Effective measures to support families during the confinement period through direct assistance from the Government and Eritrean citizens in the country and the diaspora

Support and care for the most vulnerable by local communities.

With a population of 4.5 million, a government that has made equal opportunities for all its citizens, the pole star of its policy which translates into free education and health for all, Eritrea is an example to follow in Africa.

After the peace deal with Ethiopia and the resumption of relations with the international community, we foresee a very promising future there.

Already, housing, road, port, sanitation, and hotel construction programs will create hundreds of thousands of jobs and encourage the return of a diaspora that has always been recognized for its patriotism and dynamism.