President Isaias stand regarding the Sudan Conflict

Interview with President Isaias on the Tragic Sudan Conflict

“Sensationalized reporting that focuses on the symptoms and consequences rather than the root causes and ultimate solutions; the unconscionable acts of Conflict Entrepreneurs and Undertakers is compounding and exacerbating the prevailing situation.” – President Isaias Afwerki Highlights: – President Isaias stressed the imperative and urgency of bringing to an immediate end to the tragic and […]

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Miss Africa USA 2023 Winner from Eritrea, Snit Tewoldemedhin

Miss Africa USA 2023 Winner Poised to Make a Difference

Snit Tewoldemedhin, a senior Neuroscience student at George Mason University, made history as the first from her country Eritrea to be crowned Miss Africa USA. Miss Africa USA 2023 winner Snit Tewoldemedhin says she intends to go to Africa during her 12-month reign to educate Africans about the potential of children with special needs while […]

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Yemane Ghebreab, Advisor to Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki

US Still Imposing Illegal, Unilateral Economic Sanctions on Eritrea

Yemane Ghebreab, advisor to Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki, explains how US economic sanctions impact the Eritrean people. The Ethiopian army decisively defeated the US-backed Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in November 2022, after a two-year war that cost hundreds of thousands of lives and displaced over five million people. However, none of the unilateral US […]

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Third China – Eritrea Agricultural Technical Cooperation Project Yields Promising Results

“We have been putting up efforts to understand whether the Chinese varieties and the agricultural techniques thereof are suitable for Eritrea, and the overall result is promising so far.” The Government of the State of Eritrea has been devising sound strategies with a view to enhancing agricultural productivity from time to time. One of this […]

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Takeaways from President Isaias Afewerki’s Interview (Part-II)

“TPLF policies & reckless offensives do not represent the interests of the people of Tigray who have no problem living in peace with other nationalities in Ethiopia & their Eritrean neighbors.” – President Isaias The second part of the Interview was focused on a message to the people of Tigray, on bilateral ties between Eritrea […]

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Takeaways from President Isaias Afewerki’s Interview (Part-I)

“The war has inculcated a huge loss of life as hundreds of thousands of Tigrayans were conscripted through various subterfuges. In this regard, the issue of accountability of the forces who instigated and pursued the war is of utmost importance.” – President Isaias Afwerki The first part of the Interview focused on the three reckless […]

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Ethiopians rally addis ababa

Ethiopia Nears Victory in its Civil War, US Scrambles to Control the Outcome

The war between Ethiopia and the TPLF may be coming to an end, but the US is using sanctions to have the final word despite the apparent defeat of its proxy. BY ANN GARRISON | BLACK AGENDA REPORT The Ethiopian and Eritrean armies now seem close to winning a two-year war with the Tigray People’s […]

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Eritrean Gov’t Spokesman on Recent Reports of ‘Mass Mobilization’

“Eritrea is not mobilizing its entire population. This is a deliberate distortion and exaggeration of the reality on the ground. Some reservists were called up, but that’s a tiny number. ” – Eritrean Gov’t Spokesperson and Minister of Information BY ULRICH COPPEL (Software translation) * The Eritrean Minister for Information, Yemane Gebremeskel, explains to […]

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