Eritrea production of fruits and vegetables

Eritrea: Food for Today and the Future

On 16 October, World Food Day was observed in countries across the globe, including Eritrea. Among the most celebrated days on the international calendar, WFD is all about “promoting worldwide awareness of hunger and mobilizing global action for the future of food, people, and the planet.” In accordance with the underlying goals and general significance […]

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Eritrea Childhood Vaccines

Eritrea: Childhood Vaccines to Promote Child Health

At present, Eritrea administers 14 vaccines (which protect against numerous diseases) to young children and routine coverage rates are hovering in the high 90s. The country also boasts a 99% coverage rate for measles and polio immunizations. Last week, standing upon the tarmac at Asmara International Airport, Mr. Tedros Yehdego, EPI manager and a director […]

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The wave of violence at Eritrean festivals linked to TPLF, revealing Western complicity and values at stake.

Violent Attacks Against Eritrean Diaspora Communities and the Way Forward

The wave of violence at Eritrean diaspora festivals is linked to TPLF, revealing Western complicity and values at stake. The proper response is not to capitulate or yield to intimidation and threats but to resist them. The past several weeks and months have seen violent attacks against Eritrean festivals in cities across the West. In […]

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Highlighting Recent Eritrea – Kenya Engagement

Eritrea continues to establish and deepen ties with a growing number of partners, large and small, both from within the region and across the world. BY FIKREJESUS AMHAZION (Ph.D.) Earlier this week, President Isaias Afwerki travelled to Kenya to meet with President William Ruto, following up on the latter’s visit to Eritrea late last year. […]

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Lavrov’s Trip to Eritrea Advances Russia’s Multipolar Strategy for the Horn of Africa

Asmara is viewed by Moscow as politically reliable with respect to being a multipolar partner in its own right, Russia’s gateway to Ethiopia, and a regional logistics center for expanding trade with the Global South. BY ANDREW KORYBKO Eritrea’s consistent defense of its sovereignty and the newfound geostrategic context in which Russia is operating have […]

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Jeffrey Feltman’s Transparent Attempt to Ignite War in Ethiopia after US Brokered Reprieve

Feltman’s article on Ethiopia’s current situation was just a hell-bent attempt to conceal TPLF’s high crimes and stocking new hostilities in the Horn of Africa BY MIHRET WELDU | OPINION The former U.S. Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa Ambassador Jeffrey Feltman published an article on December 26, 2022, on the recent political developments […]

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TPLF and the elusive peace in the horn of Africa

Will Peace Prevail in the Horn of Africa?

BY VITTORIO SILVESTRI | AFRICAN MEDIA COUNCIL It is no doubt that hope, and to a certain extent, faith, have been growing in the Horn regarding elusive peace, in the aftermath of meetings convened first in Pretoria and subsequently in Nairobi between the Federal Government of Ethiopia and the designated terrorist group, the TPLF in […]

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