Michael Rubin’s Moral Compass Gonne Askew

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It is time to get serious about this pudgy-faced war monger.

It is time to get serious about this pudgy-faced war monger Michael RubinBY BLATA ASFAHA | OPINION

Michael Rubin is an expert at failure. At one point you have to stop and ask yourself whether he does in fact has a masochistic delight in basking at the level of fiasco he churns out on a daily basis.

His article published on the National Interest nonetheless, titled It’s Time to Get Serious about Eritrea is one that falls in the same category of Lets Besmirch Eritrea once again.

While his article on Eritrea runs into another cul-de-sac, It is Time to Get Serious about Michael Rubin. The once Raw Intelligence Provider in the Iraq war turned a pedestrian Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute has made it his sole purpose to wreak havoc wherever he goes.

In our country there have come and gone many foreign pseudo intellectuals without visibly causing a ripple in the International arena. Their unnoticed appearances and disappearances could be due to: (a) a low-level intellectual output or (b) the absence of a receptive public. In Rubin’s case it is both.

Rubin in his piece falls tragically way short of ground-facts. His dreadful lack of knowledge is summed up by his completely fictitious claim: “he[President Isaias Afwerki] also considered attacking Somaliland in order to gain a port on the Red Sea” while unremarkably citing his own op-ed. Fan-fact pudgy-faced boy wonder, Eritrea is home to two ports in the region. Information so basic, you can just Google it.

Unable to sway the thoughts of people through a carefully arranged and composed body of thoughts, Rubin resorts to the formulation of unscrupulous lies in order to paint the world he wants in his otherwise wrapped mind; in his article he states Washington needs a coherent strategy when dealing with Eritrea going as far as stating that Sanctions against Eritrea are not enough and that a coherent strategy should have diplomatic, informational, military and economic components.

When visiting Rubin’s track record, one comes across a trail of devastation, deceit and failed coup attempts. Rubin who was a stuff assistant on Iran and Iraq in the Office of Special Plans which provided intelligence to invade Iraq, truly not very much content with his failings in the past and on a mission to add another colossal disappointment to his profile, his infant like attention is now directed towards the horn of Africa.

Eritrea and Ethiopia rapprochement in 2018 brought with it a sign of hope for the region. When both countries signed the Agreement on Peace, Friendship and Comprehensive Cooperation, few would have guessed the region would be pulled back in to turmoil a mere two years later.

On November 3rd 2020, the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front [TPLF] attacked the Ethiopian National Defense Force Northern Command under the cover of night. Majority of the military personnel were stripped naked and killed. Those who were lucky enough to escape, made their way to neighboring country Eritrea, where they were provided clothing, food and shelter before they were safely led back to their country. This ill-fated attempt by a power hungry TPLF marked the beginning of the war in Tigray. An important fact, Rubin fails to mention even once in his article.

What Rubin lacks in factual evidence, he tries to make up in his paranoid recommendations. During the conflict, the warmonger suggested that the Tigray Defense forces, the instigators of the war, should be armed.

His article also includes disparaging claims that, the Eritrean Embassy in Washington’s attacks on the United States Holocaust Museum are merely par for the course. When the United States Holocaust Museum gave a press release on October of last year alluding to “a heightened risk of genocide and mass atrocities in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region”, the Eritrean Embassy in Washington simply expressed its indignation via an open letter. According to Rubin’s neocolonial specter that haunts his mind, this amounts to an attack on the Museum.

The continuous sinister agenda purported by Rubin in the National Interest is clearly evident. It will be interesting to see where he goes from here. While he will stay restless coming up with more lies to stay true to his morally skewed nature, his fabricated information and politically and bureaucratically motivated innuendoes will not divert one with an objective and sensible view of the region to come to the conclusion that it is actually time to get serious about the pudgy-faced boy wonder and his relentless effort to derail any and every positive development in the region.

Rubin’s chief intention with directions from the powers he haplessly serves is to scapegoat Eritrea and recycle old ideas’ to isolate the country fighting terrorism in the region. Frustrated by his previous failings in Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Middle East, Rubin’s latest article filled with foul gale is as evil as it sounds.

Nonetheless while these warmongers continue to take wrong turns after wrong turns hoping two wrongs make a right, Eritrea and countries of the horn will continue to foster relations based on mutual trust and understanding.