Keynote Address by President Isaias Afwerki on 32nd Independence Anniversary

President Isaias Speech on 32nd Independence Anniversary

Dear Participants, Ladies and Gentlemen, On the occasion of the 32nd Anniversary of our Independence, allow me to express my congratulations to the people of Eritrea inside the country and abroad, as well as to the friends of Eritrea and all free peoples in the world. Let me also express my profound gratitude to all […]

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Tiffanny Haddish: “The World Needs to Know How Amazing Eritrea Is”

“I don’t want to have to ask permission to come and see my people. I want to come when I want to come to be with my people” – Actress and Author Tiffanny Haddish BY ASMAIT FUTSUMBRHAN | SHABAIT No introduction needed to who she is. After her first visit last year, the Black Unicorn […]

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