Eritrea Celebrates Its 33rd Independence Day

Eritrea Celebrates 33 Years of Independence


May 24th holds a special place in the hearts of Eritreans, commemorating their hard-fought independence and the enduring peace they continue to uphold.

Eritrea enthusiastically celebrated its 33rd Independence Day on May 24, 2024, under the theme “Peace Anchored on Resilience.” The occasion was marked by heartfelt messages of congratulations from leaders across the globe.

Eritrean Independence Day is more than just a single-day event; it’s a week-long celebration filled with vibrant activities. The festivities included carnivals, street performances, concerts, parades, tent parties, and flag-waving. The entire nation came alive with patriotic spirit, reflecting the resilience and determination of Eritrea’s people.

The celebrations extended far beyond Eritrea’s borders as diaspora Eritreans joined in the festivities, showcasing their shared heritage and unity worldwide.

These global celebrations highlighted the enduring connection between Eritrea and its diaspora, reinforcing the strong sense of national pride that binds them together.

In his keynote speech, President Isaias Afwerki extended his congratulations to the people of Eritrea, both within the country and abroad, as well as to Eritrea’s friends worldwide. He acknowledged the collective efforts and sacrifices that have shaped Eritrea’s path to independence and sustained its progress.

President Isaias also used the occasion to deliver a critical examination of global power dynamics. He highlighted the unsustainable and potentially catastrophic consequences of Western strategies aimed at dominating and containing major global powers like Russia and China.

By drawing attention to these issues, President Isaias emphasized the importance of a balanced and multipolar world order, cautioning against the reckless policies that threaten global stability.

His speech underscored Eritrea’s stance on international solidarity and the need for equitable global relations. [TN]