President Isaias Meets UN Deputy Chief

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“There are countries that have done none with more opportunities. But Eritrea with its own resources is doing a lot on development. I am excited because I’m witnessing the real Eritrea, not the Eritrea on social media” – Amina J. Mohammed, DSG


President Isaias Afwerki met today, at Adi Halo, the joint UN-AU delegation led by Deputy Secretary General, Ms. Amina Mohammed. The delegation is on a two-day visit to Eritrea to highlight “the critical role of women’s meaningful participation in peace, security and development”.

President Isaias underlined that the joint high-level visit was testimony to the deepening of cooperation and engagement between Eritrea and the UN.

The President elucidated Eritrea’s experience in the national liberation struggle and subsequent phase of nation-building.

At the meeting, extensive discussion was conducted focusing Eritrea’s developmental progress; endeavors being undertaken to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); women’s vital role in all these areas as well as effective measures that should be taken to rectify and reverse Africa’s marginalization.

The UN Deputy Secretary General applauded Eritrea’s developmental achievements through mobilization of internal resources and asserted readiness of the UN to support the Eritrea-Ethiopia Peace Agreement that has created conducive climate in the Horn as the process of transitions towards concrete cooperation.

The joint UN-AU delegation held series of meetings yesterday with Ministers of Justice, National Development, Information, Labor and Social Welfare as well as President of the National Union of Eritrean Women (NUEW) and visited several projects including Mislam (Gergera) Dam and the Nefasit-Dekemhare-Serha road that is under construction.

At an interview with the national media outlets, Ms. Amina Mohammed said that she was excited to observe the progress Eritrea is registering with internal capacity.

The joint UN-AU delegation has also conducted similar visit to Somalia, Ethiopia and Djibouti.