President Isaias Afwerki received Ambassador Dafallah Alhaj, Special Envoy of Sudan’s General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan

Eritrea Receives Special Envoy of Sudan’s Abdel Fattah al-Burhan


واكد الرئيس اسياس بان ما تبثه بعض وسائل الاعلام بان ارتريا وبالتعاون مع دولة الامارات العربية المتحدة ستقدم الملاذ لقوات الدعم السريع ، ما هو إلا محض كذب ودعاية تشويهية.

President Isaias Afwerki today received at Denden House Ambassador Dafallah Alhaj, Special Envoy of Sudan’s General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, Chairman of Sudan’s Sovereign Council. At the meeting, Ambassador Dafallah Alhaj delivered a message from General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan to President Isaias Afwerki.

In their meeting, the two sides discussed the current situation in Sudan and ways and means of extricating Sudan from the situation, and the role of neighboring countries and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD).

President Isaias Afwerki underlined the urgency and imperative of a ceasefire.

President Isaias further stressed that the problem in Sudan can be solved by the Sudanese people themselves without complicating extraneous interference and the function of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development to be a supportive and facilitating role.

President Isaias also clarified that deliberate disinformation disseminated by certain news outlets alleging, among others, that “Eritrea was cooperating with the United Arab Emirates to give sanctuary to the Rapid Support Forces” was utterly false and propagated as part and parcel of the usual smear campaigns against the country.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Osman Saleh, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Mr. Isa Ahmed Isa, Eritrea’s Ambassador to Sudan.

Ambassador Dafallah Alhaj returned home after concluding a one-day working visit to Eritrea. [MoI Eritrea]