Chinese Firm Restores Hirgigo Sea Water Desalination Plant

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Water quality and out put at the Hirgigo Desalination plant restored
Water quality and output at the Hirgigo Desalination plant restored to 10 tons/hr from 1.4 tons/hr after cleaning operation made by Shanghai Bluestar Cleaning Company.

By China National BlueStar,

SHANGHAI Bluestar Cleaning Company has recently finished cleaning the sea water desalination plant at Hirgigo power station of Eritrea’s national power company.

In its first overseas project, the contract for the cleaning project for Hirgigo sea water desalination plant in Eritrea was signed in March 2014, with a value of RMB 800,000 (USD 130,000) for the first phase. 

Hirgigo is a major power supplier of Eritrea’s national power grid. Due to poor maintenance and lack of cleaning over a long operation period, the desalination plant scaled heavily, resulting in lowered output volume and water quality and hampering operation stability. The consequent shortage in power supply severely affected the economic development of the country and the living standard of the local people.

Attaching great importance to this overseas project, the company leadership set up a dedicated project team to make reasonable plans, organized a great implementation team and arranged training for the team before they left for Eritrea. The whole team made great efforts to complete the project as scheduled despite the extreme heat, water shortage, and other unfavorable conditions.

On October 4, 2014, the project was completed successfully and accepted by Hirgigo and other parties involved.

In the trial run after the cleaning, the water output of the plant increased to 10 tons/hour from the previous 1.4 tons per hour.

Bluestar’s professionalism and capability was highly appreciated by the customer. After the work was done, Mohammed, head of the Hirgigo plant paid a visit to the team on site to express his gratitude.

In implementing its first overseas project, Shanghai Bluestar Cleaning won trust from its customer by delivering excellent services, laying a solid foundation for its further steps into overseas markets.