Greetings to Ambassador Sophia Tesfamariam

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Ambassador Sophia Tesfamariam to the United Nations
News of Sophia Tesfamariam’s appointment as Permanent Representative of Eritrea to the United Nations prompts an outpouring of congratulations and warm wishes from Eritreans around the world. She is Ready!


Words cannot even begin to express my joy and gratitude upon learning today that Sophia Tesfamariam has become Eritrea’s new Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

I adopted Her Excellency Ambassador Tesfamariam as a role model as far back as the very beginning of the 1990s.  Together with Prof. Gideon Abay, they inspired me enormously through their many publications in DEHAI to “strike a blow” for Eritrea.

As has been proven over the centuries that the pen is mightier than the proverbial sword, Ambassador Sophia Tesfamariam has, prior to her promotion to the UN, excelled herself as a media writer against the hitherto enemies of Eritrea in high places including the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), Capitol Hill, The White House and ironically, even the various bodies of the UN.

During those dark days in Eritrean history, when it was internationally accepted to “gang up on Eritrea” and concoct all sorts of lies and schemes against Eritrea in favour of TPLF (even to the point of putting into place very dubious and shameful UN sanctions against Eritrea which would last nine years), the honourable Ambassador never to embarrass those institutions through her numerous public and very accurate assessments and exposure of the “reality-behind-the-scenes” shenanigans for which she was most feared and hated.

With her as a role model and source of inspiration, I have over the years striven to challenge the mainstream Swedish media on several occasions on its bias and very often fictitious publications and broadcasts against the State of Eritrea.

In fact, I have vented my frustrations on that despicable subject matter in several articles in DEHAI, TesfaNews and Alenalki blogs, among others.

I have always perceived the UN as a natural habitat for Ambassador Tesfamariam for the nature and dedication of the work she does for Eritrea and wishes her very well in her new endeavours.