The Meloni government identified the path forward within the framework of the Mattei Plan and various other forms of multilateral cooperation

Eritrea and Italy Embrace a Fresh Start with the Mattei Plan


Rekindling Hope: In June, economic ministers from the Meloni government will embark on a journey to Asmara. That will be just the first of a series of flights that will finally reunite Italy and Eritrea’s paths within the framework of the Mattei Plan.*

Italy will also pass to Africa through here. From the reconstruction of the port of Massawa, but also from the enhancement of the extraordinary natural and environmental resources that this incredible country offers. Eritrea awaits none other than the Italian government to start. Eritrea is waiting for none other than the Italian government to start.

This was said months ago by our Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, and the very reserved Eritrean President, Isaias Afwerki, during the state visit to Rome. And Italy is now ready to return to Asmara, the little Rome, to follow up on those agreements and contribute to the growth of Eritrea with its most qualified excellences in all sectors from energy to agriculture, from infrastructure to culture and art. As ministers Adolfo Urso and Francesco Lollobrigida have already engaged in bilateral meetings with President Isaias in Rome, other colleagues could join from June onwards, starting with the dynamic minister Gennaro Sangiuliano.

The Eritrean government’s expectations of “meaningful and symmetrical ties of cooperation and partnership”

“At the 15th BRICS Summit, hosted by South Africa in Johannesburg in August this year, President Isaias Afwerki advocated for concerted action to address the flaws and deficits in the prevailing global governance architecture,” said Minister of Information Yemane Gebremeskel a few days ago, speaking from Asmara, in his address during my course at LUMSA.

“The noble aspirations of humanity as a whole are for a just and equitable global order in which justice and the rule of law prevail; where nations and peoples establish meaningful and symmetrical bonds of cooperation and partnership on the basis of respect for national independence and sovereignty; for societies anchored in compassion and social justice.”

Italy’s role in Eritrea’s global opening

And Italy will lead this global opening of Eritrea. Because our history has always intertwined with that of Eritrea, and the Italian government is aware of the path we can take together, within the framework of the Mattei Plan and in other forms of multilateral cooperation. But that’s not all. Italy is ready and committed to doing its part also to promote a constructive dialogue between Europe and Eritrea, a country at the center of a region that is affected by tensions and conflicts, yet is also strategic for the stability of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern area.

Asmara looks to Rome as the main partner to start afresh

The importance of those 1200 kilometers of coastline overlooking the Red Sea does not escape notice, which has always been the target of China and [Russia’s] appetite and attentions, perhaps precisely why the Eritrean government withdrew cooperation with those nations. Because Eritrea wants Italy as its primary partner to kickstart its development.

Just as Biden flew to Hanoi at the end of last year’s G20 Summit to sign a second-tier strategic partnership agreement with his historical foe, Vietnam, the ministers of the Meloni government are ready to land at Asmara International Airport, built in 1922 by us Italians. They will be welcomed by President Isaias accompanied by the skilled ambassador Marco Mancini, who has been working on this since the beginning of his mandate. That will be just the first of a series of flights that will finally reunite Italy and Eritrea’s paths. Asmara is already prepared.

(by Francesco Nicola Maria Petricone | *Software translation* | Originally posted on Secolo D’Italia as “Un nuovo inizio per l’Eritrea insieme all’Italia: Asmara guarda a Roma (e al Piano Mattei) per ripartire)