Orotta College of Medicine and Health Sciences Commencement 2023

College of Medicine and Health Sciences Commencement Ceremony

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A total of 252 graduates of the Orotta College of Medicine and Health Sciences celebrated their academic achievements at the 2023 commencement ceremony.

Orotta College of Medicine and Health Sciences (OCMHS) held its annual commencement on Saturday, 11th November, on its premises. The ceremony was attended by Ms. Amina Nurhussien, Minister of Health, Dr. Haile Mehtsun, Ex­ecutive Director of the National Higher Education and Research Institute, senior government offi­cials, religious leaders, and fami­lies of the graduates.

In his opening address, Profes­sor Yemane Seyoum, Dean of OCMHS, said, “Globally, medi­cal education is considered a vital field of study and it is one of the most significant investments that any nation can undertake in terms of its development. With good medical education, the health and livelihood of societies improve substantially. Quality medical education contributes to a country’s social stability and its long-term economic growth.”

He added that education in medicine and health sciences is an excellent career choice and that there is always an enormous need for well-trained and qualified medical professionals. The recent global pandemic has proved just how demanding the medical profession is during times of unprecedented challenges to health care.

Prof. Yemane ended his speech by congratulating the graduates for their momentous milestone and reminding them about their responsibilities.

In her graduation address, Min­ister Amina Nurhussien indicated that the Government is making a substantial investment in human resources development with a view to ensure the multi-faceted nation-building process and social justice and that encouraging progress is being registered in the health sector. She further called on the graduates to serve the society with dedication.

Representative of the graduat­ing class of 2022-23 congratulat­ed his fellow graduates for a job well done and said, “Let us carry with us the vibrant spirit of possi­bility, the unvarying belief in our potential and the determination to create novel opportunities.” He concluded his speech by thanking all those who contributed to the success of the graduates.

Dr. Nerjis Jabir, who studied Medicine and graduated with dis­tinction, said, “Educating females means having an educated society. So, every person should focus on being successful by working hard and being patient and confident in one’s abilities.”

Kibrom Fesseha — who studied Pharmacy, graduated with great distinction, and was given an award for the most outstanding graduate of the class of 2022/23 — said that regardless of the mag­nitude of the obstacles any person faces, it is better to focus on how to overcome them. He added that today’s success is the outcome of the combined efforts of his parents and family members who have been there for him since day one.

Segen Tesfayesus, who studied Nursing, emphasized that females of her generation should understand that they are productive and should stand for themselves and pursue their dreams. She thanked her parents and her husband for their input in her journey.

A cohort of 252 graduates, with 51.6% being female, received their degrees during the Saturday commencement ceremony: 14 earned a Doctor of Medicine degree, 43 attained a bachelor’s degree, and 195 were awarded diplomas.

The de­gree programs attended include Pharmacy, Clinical Laboratory Science, Dental Therapy, Medical Laboratory Technician, Radiol­ogy Technician, and Specialized Nursing (Adult Health Nursing, Ophthalmic Nursing, Anesthesia, Nursing Midwifery, and Emergency and Critical Care).

Those who earned diplomas attended programs in Pharmacy Tech­nician, Comprehensive Nursing, Dental Therapy, Medical Labora­tory Technician, Radiology Tech­nician, and Environmental Health Technician.

Staffing the health care system with adequate numbers of competent, responsible, and knowledge­able medical professionals has been a priority in the strategy that has been in implementation over the past two decades under the direction of the medical schools, Asmara College of Health Scienc­es (ACHS) and Orotta School of Medicine and Dentistry (OSMD) in particular.

Since the establishment of the medical schools, a total of 5,680 high and mid-level medical pro­fessionals have graduated, with 50.5% earning degrees and 49.5% earning diplomas. And since the inception of OSMD, a total of 584 doctors — 83 doctors of Dentistry, 473 Doctors of General Medicine, and 28 Specialist Doctors in the fields of General Surgery, Obstet­rics and Gynecology, and Pediat­rics and Child Health have gradu­ated.

As part of the college’s plan to develop its human resources, a total of 16 faculty members are pursuing their postgraduate studies here, at home, and abroad. The college runs a postgraduate specialty training program to alle­viate the shortage of medical spe­cialists in the country.

Orotta College of Medicine and Health Sciences (OCMHS) was following the merger of Asmara College of Health Sciences (ACHS) and Orotta School of Medicine and Dentistry (OSMD), and the graduation ceremony held on Saturday marked OCMHS’ 2nd and OSMD’s 13th commencements. [LUWAM KAHSAY | SHABAIT]