China Eritrea partnership on its 30 years anniversary

China, Eritrea to Celebrate 30 Years of Diplomatic Ties


The friendship between Eritrea and China is a unique one that has been developing steadily over the years. Located in the Horn of Africa, Eritrea gained its de facto independence in 1991 (and de jure independence in 1993) after a long and bitter struggle with Ethiopia. Since then, the country has faced many challenges, including a border war, economic sanctions, and diplomatic isolation.

China, on the other hand, is a global superpower with a long history and a vast population. Despite their vastly different backgrounds and circumstances, the two countries have managed to develop and maintain a close friendship of 30 years based on mutual respect, shared history, and common interests.

One of the main reasons for the strong friendship between Eritrea and China is their shared history of colonialism and struggle for independence. Both countries have experienced the harsh reality of foreign domination and have fought hard to regain their sovereignty. This common experience has created a sense of solidarity between the two nations and a mutual understanding of each other’s struggles.

In recent years, China has become one of Eritrea’s most important partners in terms of development and investment. Chinese companies have invested heavily in Eritrea’s infrastructure, particularly in the mining sector. This has helped to boost the country’s economy and create jobs for its people. Additionally, China has provided aid to Eritrea in the form of grants and interest-free loans, helping to fund important projects such as the construction of hospitals and colleges.

Another area where the friendship between Eritrea and China has been particularly strong is in the realm of diplomacy. Eritrea has consistently supported China’s position on issues such as Taiwan and Tibet, and has been a vocal supporter of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. In turn, China has supported Eritrea’s efforts to achieve regional stability and security, and has been a key player in promoting peace in the region.

The friendship between Eritrea and China has also been strengthened by people-to-people exchanges. In recent years, there have been a growing number of Eritreans studying in China and learning about Chinese culture and language. Chinese medical teams, students and tourists have also been visiting Eritrea, helping to promote cultural exchange and mutual understanding.

Overall, the friendship between Eritrea and China serves as an example of how two countries with different backgrounds, culture, history and political system can come together and work towards common goals. TN