the terrorist cell "Brigade N'Hamedu" from Tigray are trying to force a worldwide shutdown of the Eritrean festivals

Investigations into Brigade Nhamedu Attacks on the Eritrean Diaspora Underway

Who are these militant diaspora groups aka “Brigade Nhamedu” that keeps violently attacking peaceful Eritrean events, and what is motivating them? Eritrea is a uniquely self-reliant African nation with an egalitarian social system that guarantees health care and education to all its people. It’s free of IMF and World Bank debt and it refuses to […]

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What support does Gießen’s Green city councilor Klaus-Dieter Grothe and Åsa Nilsson Söderström of the liberal party Liberalerna offer to violent terrorist "brigades" who coordinated their attack against Eritrean festivals in Europe and North America?

Giessen: Does German’s Green Manage the Account of the Anti-Eritrea Terrorist Group?

Since July, there have been violent riots against Eritrea festivals in several countries. A pattern emerges. Now a suspicion falls on Giessen’s Green city councilor Klaus-Dieter Grothe: Did he even help the violent criminals with their finances? * A series of outbreaks of violence against Eritrea festivals stands out from the summer news that demands […]

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Eritrean festival worldwide attacked

Attack on Eritrean Festival Was A Classic Pogrom

“I believe the city of Toronto, its Mayor, its Council, and the police, owe an apology to the Eritrean festival organizers …” BY TAYLOR REPORT Despite warnings, the Toronto Eritrean Festival was attacked by thugs. Police came late, did little, and the media jump all over the victims. The same organization in US, Germany, and […]

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