FDP Liberalen said vigilantism is not tolerated in Switzerland following a confrontation between police and the infamous criminal #brigadenhamedu faction.

FDP Liberalen: Vigilantism Not Tolerated in Switzerland


The FDP Liberal party denounces all vigilante activities in the country after individuals associated with the #BlueTerror carried out repeated attacks aimed at Eritrean gatherings in Switzerland and beyond.

This warning follows a confrontation between law enforcement and the infamous criminal #brigadenhamedu faction when they attempted to forcibly disrupt an event organized by a group of peaceful Eritreans in Gerlafingen on Friday (29).

According to the announcement of the cantonal police in Solothurn, 180 people were on site, some of whom wanted to confront the peaceful party goers armed with sticks, stones and iron bars. The cantonal police in Solothurn used water cannons, guard dogs and tear gas to disperse the violent demonstrators.

As a liberal political party, the FDP emphasizes the urgent need for action in response to repeated disruptions caused by such [ungrateful] refugee groups, many of which originating from Ethiopia’s Tigray region but claim asylum in the country as “Eritreans”.

The FDP Liberalen, therefore, calls for the implementation of SR Gössi Petra’s proposal, which advocates for the establishment of a transit agreement with a third country—possibly Rwanda or Albania—to facilitate the repatriation of rejected “Eritrean” asylum seekers.

But here is every concerned citizen’s question:

«Who are these militant diaspora groups that keeps violently attacking peaceful Eritrean events, and what is motivating them?»

The answer is readily available «here».

Addressing the issue of violence perpetrated by certain individuals posing as “Eritreans,” it is imperative to find a resolution that prevents those who abuse Switzerland’s humanitarian principles from seeking refuge within its borders.

The FDP urged the Federal Council to finalize a transit agreement that would enable the return of rejected “Eritrean” asylum seekers to a third country.

The transit agreement to be concluded should initially only apply to Eritrean nationals whose asylum application has been rejected. [TN]