FDP Liberalen said vigilantism is not tolerated in Switzerland following a confrontation between police and the infamous criminal #brigadenhamedu faction.

FDP Liberalen: Vigilantism Not Tolerated in Switzerland

The FDP Liberal party denounces all vigilante activities in the country after individuals associated with the #BlueTerror carried out repeated attacks aimed at Eritrean gatherings in Switzerland and beyond. This warning follows a confrontation between law enforcement and the infamous criminal #brigadenhamedu faction when they attempted to forcibly disrupt an event organized by a group […]

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The wave of violence at Eritrean festivals linked to TPLF, revealing Western complicity and values at stake.

Violent Attacks Against Eritrean Diaspora Communities and the Way Forward

The wave of violence at Eritrean diaspora festivals is linked to TPLF, revealing Western complicity and values at stake. The proper response is not to capitulate or yield to intimidation and threats but to resist them. The past several weeks and months have seen violent attacks against Eritrean festivals in cities across the West. In […]

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the terrorist cell "Brigade N'Hamedu" from Tigray are trying to force a worldwide shutdown of the Eritrean festivals

International Campaign of Violence Against Eritrean Festivals

Despite having made their intentions clear on social media platforms, how could a mob poised to act violently not have been stopped prior to its actions? First Giessen (Germany), then Stockholm (Sweden), now Seattle (USA) and Toronto (Canada): with a trail of destruction, violent groups led by the terrorist cell “Brigade N’Hamedu” from Tigray (northern […]

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