Massawa salt factory

Massawa Salt Factory: Revitalizing Eritrea’s Salt Industry

∎ Eritrea’s salt production sector holds immense potential due to the extensive coastal areas and the high salinity of the Red Sea. ∎ Massawa salt factory aims to ramp up production from its current level of 20,000 tons to 100,000 tons within the next five years. ∎ With ongoing development at the Halibay site, production […]

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Massawa Industrial park as new hub for international trade

Massawa Industrial Park: New Hub for International Trade

The Eritrean government intends to finalize the construction of the long-delayed infrastructure at the Massawa industrial park on the Red Sea coast as it seeks to take advantage of its strategic location. The multi-million dollar industrial complex is part of the government’s efforts to promote economic development and attract foreign investment by utilizing the Massawa […]

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